YouTube Leadership Traits

This FREE leadership game: YouTube leadership traits is a really modern icebreaker/leadership game which may not work if the group you do it with are older. Not because we’re agist here but you need access to either several smart phones or laptops. It’s easier if you have a smaller group for this one but can be funner in larger groups with smart phones. We hope that this will be helpful for you and your team development. When all is said and done all of our games can be adapted to your specific group environment.

YouTube Leadership Traits

Description: YouTube Leadership Traits is a game to find media on the famous YouTube website and draw out leadership lessons to present to the group. It can be done as individduals in small groups or in small groups with larger amounts of people.

Purposes: Really great icebreakers for a training session. Especially helpful with younger groups, youth groups or school groups as it makes for a fun environment to get through to people.

Time and Materials: A good timeframe is generally 15-20 minutes. You’ll need at least a few computers/laptops/smart phones either per person or enough for a group of about 4-5.

Instructions: Leadership Game: YouTube Leadership Traits

1. Make sure there’s enough space to split the people into small groups (or if its a smaller group then just let them work where they are.)

2. Announce the game which is to be played “YouTube Leadership Traits” this will help build some energy in the room through expectation.

3. Explains what is expected: The group must find a YouTube video that draws out some sort of leadership characteristic or trait and then they must come back in 15-20 mins and present to the group. They must show the video to the group and explain how a leadership trait is displayed within the video.

4. Let the people go and look at several videos either on their phones or computers.

5. Within the 15-20 mins move around the groups and see what people are coming up with. Note: the more creative the better, you don’t want people to be showing normal videos about leadership. Make sure this is known.

6. When the group come back together again randomly choose one group/person to present in front of the group. Note: If the first one isn’t really creative or helpful in their communication then at the end of their presentation just add some more information and specify whats expected from the rest. Don’t make the first person feel bad – make sure you encourage and acknowledge the good qualities they’ve presented.

7. At the end Debrief with everyone and explain the importance of the activity and highlight a couple of great videos (usually the funnier ones). Note: Keep an up-tempo attitude throughout as this is a high tempo icebreaker.

We hope that this has been of benefit to you in your situation either icebreaking or training a group of people. YouTube leadership traits is just one of many leadership games – click here to go back to our leadership game hub.