Swamp Romp

A Swamp Romp is usually an intense outdoors team activity which incorporates an endurance race of some sort. For the purposes of team building and training we will not put as strenuous recommendations on your team as would be put on a group attempting this outdoors activity.

The name gives away some of the mystery around this leadership game, but basically its a team race through difficult terrain which can be dirty, wet, muddy and swamp like! Don’t be too turned off by this as it can be a lot of fun for all in different circumstances. It also helps to bring teams together as it pushes people physically to the edge where they must rely on one another to complete the race.

Swamp Romp Leadership Game

Description: This activity can be played by people who are relatively fit and able to take part. It brings people to the brink of exhaustion often and makes all the valuable leadership skills come in to play. Often you’ll be surprised by who actually comes out as the leader and who fall apart.

Purposes: This is mainly for team building, it can be done on weekends away or training conferences. It could also be done for youths and programs for pretty much anyone.

Time and Materials: Obviously this game takes a decent amount of time so set aside a morning or afternoon for this to take this. You’ll need shoes and clothes which aren’t too valuable and the organizer will need to have planned a route and have directions along the way.

Instructions: Swamp Romp

1. Plan a route through countryside where this race will take place (Make sure it’s a little tricky and not just a ‘run’ but make it challenging and dirty).

2. Either make a clear map or put markers along the way for the teams to follow.

3. Divide your group into two teams, usually a red team and blue team will help with team spirit and good memories.

4. Explain the team game to your group and explain that people will need clothes that aren’t too valuable but durable.

5. To win the game the entire team must finish and as the last person finishes that’s the time the team get. Therefore the team must work together to get everyone through it.

6. Depending on the length of your created course send one team off and start a stopwatch and then maybe 30 minutes later send off the second team. (This can be longer or shorter depending on the length of course.)

7. Make sure you can get to the end of the course before the teams to make sure they all finish properly.

8. For safety make sure that medical and physical concerns and taken in to consideration. You could even have a couple of people rotating around the course to make sure everything runs smoothly.

I mentioned in the last couple of points but you must make sure the entire event is safe for all involved. If you take this leadership game on, you are responsible in all manners for the consequences.

When everyone finishes let the teams clean up a bit and meet back a little later to debrief. At the debrief ask some great questions about how they teams went and who showed the best leadership. You could start with funny questions like the funniest moments during the race and things that happened.

You could draw out some good leadership points about what happened if you like but it’s more for the fun and getting through it that will stay with the group. The teamwork involved will develop and bring people together in a crisis.

We hope you really enjoy this leadership game – You may want to look at other leadership games like swamp romp for possible alternates for different situations.