Mafia Leadership Game

The mafia leadership game re-formats an old party game which most of us grew up playing. When it comes to icebreakers and fun then this is your game. More than just fun, this leadership game really builds strong teams and healthy relationships. Teams that work together and have fun stay together.

Mafia Leadership Game

Description: Mafia is a great game to play with teenagers and young adults. It can be played with 13 people and more (the more the merrier!). This is a fun game that facilitates bonding, builds teams and gets people coming out of their shells.

Purposes: Building team morale, encouraging healthy work relationships.

Time and Materials: Ideally you could play this game for 30-45mins, though this will depend on the size of your group and the chattiness of individuals. You will need small pieces of paper, a pen, and a container or envelope. You could also limit day time chat using a timer.

Instructions: Mafia Leadership Game

Teams: Civilians, Police, Mafia
The Mayor is the mediator. Calls the time of day (Day or Night and Arise or Rest) and creatively describes the deaths of the night before.
The Godfather is the leader of the Mafia team. Decides who will be killed by the mafia
The Sheriff is the leader of the Police. Decides who will be killed by the police

Using your small pieces of paper and a pen prepare for anonymous team allocations.

1.Work out how many people you need in each team and write on the pieces of paper accordingly (you should have the same number of mafia and police, civilians should be the same but +/- one will not affect the goal of the game). Tip: Numbers make it a little harder to decipher when peeking eyes are around.

Civillians C 0

Mafia P 2

Police M 5

Sheriff S 6

Godfather G 9

Major A 8

Note: Each member of the players must pick a piece of paper out of the container without looking. Their allocation is confidential and should not be shared or swapped with anybody.

2. The Mayor calls day and sets the scene “Good morning fellow citizens. As you know there have been mysterious murders as of late which have been investigated by the police. We are no closer to finding our killer however we believe the attacks to be linked with the mafia. Please keep vigilant and notify police should you notice anything suspicious.” All players have their poker face on and are analysing the other players.

3. Mayor calls night and all players put their head down.

4. Mayor then calls Mafia arise; they lift their heads and plot (without tipping off fellow citizens) to strategically kill a suspected police officer, the mafia must get the final word from the Godfather. Once the mafia is done they rejoin the civilians putting their heads down.

5. The Mayor calls Police arise; they lift their heads and plot (without tipping off fellow citizens) to strategically kill a suspected mafia member, the police must get the final word from the Sheriff. Once the police are done they rejoin the civilians putting their heads down.

6. The Mayor calls day; all players show their poker face while analysing other players. The Mayor informs the public of the deaths that occurred that night and what they suspect happened. All players ask questions to add to the story and further analyse other players.

7. Repeat steps 3 to 6 as needed.

If you’ve enjoyed the Mafia Leadership Game then why not leave a comment below on how it’s worked with your team? Otherwise return to our leadership games hub for more icebreakers like the mafia leadership game.