Leading The Blind

The best thing about leadership games and leading the blind (despite there educational benefit) is how much FUN they can be! This one especially is one of my favourites as there is always vast amounts of laughter consistently through this game. We hope that this FREE leadership game will be of benefit to you and your teams.

Leading The Blind

Description: Building trust and communication through giving instructions to someone who is relying on you. This is best played by adults and helps to strengthen trust and communication within a team environment.

Purposes: Team bonding, improving communication, fun team activities.

Time and Materials: Time depends on your created course and how much space you want the teams to cover. You’ll need a blindfold and objects to create a course to cover.

Instructions: Leadership Game – Leading the Blind

1. Create an environment that needs to be filled with different objects to be avoided (you can use a huge space or just a small office.)

2. Split the group into teams of 2 (or 3 if you want to see chaos) ask the teams to pick someone to be blindfolded and one (or more) as the leader.

3. Speak to the leaders and show them where they need to reach and how they could communicate to the blindfolded team members. Note: you could arrange only 3 or 4 words they could say or stipulate no touching etc for added difficulty.

4. Give the teams the ‘Go’ and watch the chaos unfold. Keep an eye on the teams to make sure no ones being dangerous or ‘having too much fun’ as trust should be built through this and not destroyed. Note: if your teams are too good at this, make them walk backwards for extra difficulty.

5. Let the first 30% of people cross the finish line and if everyone else looks like they’re not going to make it just end the game there.

6. De-brief about the difficulties and and good things associated with leading the blind, grab a few of their points and unpack the knowledge of how they can be applied to situations and then get everyone to clap and encourage each other.

Leading the blind is one of our many leadership games here to resource you as a leader to teach and bring good bonding together in your teams. For more leadership games like leading the blind click here.