Leadership Race

The Leadership Race is a game that can be adapted to many situations. It works well for school activities, icebreakers and even for a more experienced workplace. It’s a fun game but it also recognizes really important leadership skills and more importantly experience.

You as the leader can have a lot of control of this game as you’re primarily directing the results. There’s also great opportunity for feedback of people acting out the game, you can stop it sultiple times and provide encouragement, correction or suggestion for the person involved.

Leadership Race

Description: ‘Leadership Race’ is a game designed to gage peoples past experiences, leadership development and ability through providing a game that allows participients to share their past experiences of leadership.

Purposes: Revealing past leadership experiences, gaging which step participients are on the leadership journey, team building.

Time and Materials: The time is negotiable as some people may take longer to answer questions but you can put the finish line wherever you like so its flexible. All you’ll need is a start line, finish line and a few pieces of paper.

Instructions: Leadership Game – Leadership Race

1. Make sure there’s enough space for the group of people involved. Each person needs there own lane so width is important. Although its a ‘running’ track the finish line shouldn’t need to be anymore than 10-20 metres or so.

2. Write out about 20 leadership expressions on bits of paper to put into a bag. These expressions can be like ‘i’ve never had a problem with being supervised’ or ‘I always prefer to speak positively about team members rather than negatively’.

3. Explain the game to your group. You have a bag full of leadership expressions such as ‘I put my team before my own advancement’ written on paper. If they have exhibited this expression they then take one step forward. If they take one step forward they must, in turn, say a sentence to validate their step forward. (i.e. a past experience where they’ve exhibited this and give an example.) The first to the end wins the race.

4. Get everyone to line up and explain that you want absolute honesty and that it’s not whos first to the finnish line thats important, but rather what we learn along the way.

5. Start with the first question you pull out of the bag, wait for people to take a step forward and then choose people to give examples. For the first couple, make sure you correct them if the examples are not right and if it’s not enough information just prompt for more. Everyone needs to know how to play.

6. Continue the questions until someone gets to the end. Congratulate the winner but also the people at the back who are probably more honest (maybe).

7. Explain that this was an exercise to make everyone think about what they’ve learned in leadership along the way and give encouragement to the group about the positives. This is also another great opportunity to just give a 5 minute talk about leadership and what it means in this group and instance.

We hope that you’ll use this leadership game well and would absolutely love to hear stories of how this has worked for you. Please use either our contact us form or the comments section below. Your feedback will help encourage and give guidence to others! This is an important leadership community quality that we’d like to develop.

This game is one of many on our site, the leadership race is part of our leadership games section so please have a look around and pick the most suitable game for you!