Leadership Games

These FREE games can be used for icebreakers, leadership games or training seminars. We hope they will be of use to you and anyone looking for a fun/learning experience in any leadership environment.

If you have any great success stories or funny stories please use our contact us form for feedback or if you have any suggestions of other great games we’d love to hear from you! Our community here at Leadership Lime is all about sharing and mutual resourcing for all the tools we need as leaders to succeed. We look forward to hearing about how you have succeeded with leadership games!

The benefits for icebreakers:

1. Break tension of groups of new people.
2. Allow people to express their personalities.
3. Help to reveal natural leaders within groups.
4. To create a fun environment which is essential to learn.
5. Bring confidence to a group.

Icebreakers are necessary in all group situations. Why? Because people don’t feel comfortable in new groups and wont express themselves honestly until they do. This is a tremendous opportunity to break the ice but also do it with a dynamic game to identify leadership personalities and learn important characteristics of the group.

The benefits for team development

1. Bring cohesion to a team of individuals.
2. Allow people to fill roles and see team-dynamics.
3. Build stronger friendships among teams.
4. Help to understand individual needs.
5. Give leadership roles to potential new leaders.

Teams can come together in a cohesive dynamic in simple games. You can easily manipulate games to achieve the desired effects you desire and you’d be surprised how simply great results can occur. You can encourage more timid team members to achieve more confidence in leadership roles and teach more outgoing people to listen and play a more complex role. Basically these games can create a fun and memorable learning environment for teams.

The benefits for training

1. The development of team-understanding.
2. Opportunity of observation and commenting on behaviour.
3. Understanding how to cope with changing team dynamics.
4. Group based learning is essential for adult education.
5. Important theory can be taught through experiential learning.

Training is imperative for leadership development. Training allows for growth and success in leadership tasks. We’ve included this area ultimately as practical learning environments are a huge part of adult education and therefore in most teams (with the exception of children) the biggest amount of information can be learnt through the experience of these leadership games.

Leadership Games and Icebreakers

Swamp Romp: Engage the Outdoors

This is a team building game which requires people to be relatively fit and able to do a type of cross-country race. It takes a good amount of time, therefore it’s good for a weekend away or training conference. Of course, as with all of our games it can be adapted to many situations.

Short Leadership Games and Icebreakers

These are a selection of short leadership games and icebreakers when you don’t have a lot of time to work with. It’s still important to build a good atmosphere and sense of connection between your group or team, so click on the link above and have a look.


Charades is a great icebreaker or for training purposes. It helps to get people out of their comfort zones and realize how they’re communicating with each other. This one is particular good for older people as it’s been a well known game for years.

Leading the Blind

Leadings the Blind is a fun game, which is great for people to use their own communication skills to get through to the end. This is also well known but its good to get a group of people out of a conference or class room and refresh them half way through the day.

Leaders you Admire

Leaders you Admire is taking the examples of other leaders and drawing great characteristics from them. Group discussion is also a high value in this icebreaker/leadership game.

This can be used to gather leadership traits and brainstorm/categorize their values.

YouTube Leadership Traits

YouTube Leadership Traits is a great and fun game. It’s very creative and innovative as it challenges modern information gathering methods and lets people express the creative leader inside of them.

The Leadership Race

The Leadership Race is a game designed to learn and gage the leadership experience of the chosen group. Be a strong and communicative leader to use this game to draw the best out of your group and also share some important insights.

The Human Icebreaker

The human icebreaker is the perfect leadership game to play at the beginning of a training day or talk. It opens up conversation and forces the group to communicate with each other to get the answers they need to play the game.

The Business Simulation Game

This business training game is really innovative and creative. It brings together similar aspects of teamwork and communication training but also allows for creativity and depth whilst working out and pioneering a business idea. Although this is a training game – real ideas and vision can be established through it.

Indian Poker

This game is just meant for fun and laughter to set a good environment for learning or wake people up if it’s a tough day. It can also be used for an icebreaker as it causes a lot of laughter and interaction between people.

Mafia Leadership Game

This leadership game is an adaption of a classic party game which most of us grew up on. It’s brilliant for building fun and good relationships between team members and helps for people who are a little reserved and shy to really engage and build better friendships.