Leadership Game Charades

We want to equip you with FREE Leadership Games. The leadership game charades is a classic game which I can remember playing around Christmas time with family members. Most may not acknowledge its thrills and excitement but it teaches really important creative communication skills.


Description: Charades can be played by anyone, its for all ages and can be played with 5 or more people. (The more the better for fun!) This activity brings people together and builds teams communication skills as well as team-bonding.

Purposes: Icebreakers, team-bonding and improving communication.

Time and Materials: It can go as long as you want to, ideally 15-30 minutes. You’ll need some scrap paper and a container of some sort (an envelope will do).

Instructions: Leadership Game Charades

1. Tear-up the pieces of paper into small rectagles.

2. Write a genre (i.e. Book, movie, TV character, Celebrity etc) and then 3 or 4 details (i.e. Harry Potter, 24, The Hunger Games etc) and fold them in half to place into your container or envelope. Note: Don’t make it too hard, keep to popular well known titles.

3. Separate the group into two teams. Flip a coin to see who goes first.

4. One person from the first team comes and picks a piece of paper out of the container and then acts out the genre and title.

5. The team member has 10 seconds to read it and think about how to do act it out and then 1 minute to communicate whats on the piece of paper to their team. Note: The team member cannot speak or write anything out.

6. The team then have to keep guessing what it could be until they get it or the time runs out. 1 point for a correct guess to a team.

7. Then the other team gets to elect someone to come up and do the same thing. Note: The game can go on for as long as you wish, or have a total score to win (i.e. 5 or 10 points.)

8. The team with the highest score wins.

We hope you enjoy this leadership game charades and click here to return to our leadership games hub. We are pioneering this section to be as creative and helpful (workable) as possible. If you have any further queries as to this game or variations please use the contust us form. This leadership game charades can be adapted and changed depending on the environment and how you’d like to adapt it to your team environment. For instance instead of using popular movies and books etc you could use things particular to your workplace or department or even people! although you should be careful as to not offend people.

If this leadership game charades has been of benefit to you we’d also love to hear some great (and fun!) stories of how it worked out. Please use the same form for this.