Leaders You Admire

This FREE game (leaders you admire) we’re resourcing you with can be used in most environments. It’s not as energetic as some of our other games but it can bring a new dimension to a group or team training session. Its a good one to use just after lunch or towards the end of the day as it focuses on swapping stories of leaders that people have admired.

Leaders You Admire

Description: ‘Leaders you admire’ is helpful for learning about leadership characteristics as its based around groups discussing leaders they’ve previously (or currently) know and why they admire them. It builds good team bonding and communication skills.

Purposes: Learning leadership characteristics, team bonding, improving communication.

Time and Materials: this one can be done pretty much anywhere and with few requirements. You do want to put time-limits on your groups but thats negotiable to circumstances.

Instructions: Leadership Game – Leaders you Admire

1. Make sure there’s enough space for groups to be split up and have space to discuss the leaders they’ve known.

2. Communicate the parameters and boundaries to your group. (i.e. what they need to discuss, our many people per group and what time to come back and meet in your room.)

3. Either allow your group to choose their own groups or assign teams by numbers or filing them off.

4. When they’re in groups ask them to assign a representative that will ‘lead’ the discussion and communicate to the larger group at the end.

5. Let the groups go and find a seperate space to discuss and share stories. Give them a couple of minutes and then start walking around and listening in on some of the conversation to make sure its moving in the right direction.

6. When everyone comes back from their time in smaller groups – ask the leader of each group to come to the front to be a spokes person.

7. Ask each group leader to share what was discussed briefly (make sure you say 2,3 or 5 minutes etc) they can talk about the types of leadership characteristics which were discussed or highlight a certain leader etc.

8. If you have time and deem is useful – ask the entire group if there were particular stories of ‘special’ leaders which could be expanded upon in front of the entire group.
Summarise what has been learnt for the entire group and the importance of this exercise and thats it.

We hope that this game ‘leaders you admire’ will be of great benefit to your group training sessions. Some people suggest you could turn it around and discuss negative characteristics about leaders. If you want to do this then I would suggest shortening the time for the positive aspects and sending the teams out a second time to discuss this. It’s probably not beneficial to mix the two.

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