Innovator Steve Jobs

  • The phrase ‘The Innovator Steve Jobs’ should probably go down in history as his most applicable title. Steve Jobs his work with such a spirit of innovation that for a business man, he’s left an incredible legacy of which we are only learning from now.

    Although the everlasting picture of him will be with some sort of Apple technical device, it’s safe to say that Jobs defined Apple rather than Apple defining Jobs. Jobs was the essential entrepreneur and inspiration behind a lot of the success of Pixar and Apple.

  • Steve Jobs Leadership

Essential Information

He lived from 1955-2011. Eventually dying from his continual struggle with cancer.

He co-founded Apple with Steve Wozniak. He went on to pioneer several other companies including Pixar. He was accredited as an executive producer on “Toy Story”.

Fun Fact: In his second stint with Apple he was paid $1.00 per year for his employment.

The Leadership Lessons of The Innovator Steve Jobs

So, we know that he left a legacy and that he had strong entrepreneurial qualities which benefited his business life, but what leadership lessons can we learn from him?

He was a perfectionist – Jobs believed in nothing less than a culture of excellence through all those who he was involved with. He’s known famously for quoting;

“Be a yardstick of quality. Some people aren’t used to an environment where excellence is expected.”

He had the courage to change his mind. This has to be taken in context but he was praised after his death for having the courage to change his mind regularly. Most leaders will make a decisions and back it even if they know its wrong because they’re afraid to admit that what they’d decided wasn’t correct. Tim Cook the new CEO of Apple praised Jobs for his ability to keep changing his mind to find the eventual answer, while others who had the pleasure of working with him said that he changed his mind more than anyone they knew.

He fought through the troubled times. Apple was not always successful as they are today, in fact at one of their lowest points the CEO of Dell told a news conference they should shut down and give the money back to the shareholders. Despite this jibe Jobs said nothing, until the day that the Apple shares went above Dell’s in the stock market. He sent an e-mail to all his staff and reminded them of the incident and said it was worth a moment of reflection.

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