Human Icebreaker

The Human icebreaker is simple that; it breaks the tension in a room and helps people start connecting with each other. Sometimes called the human scavenger hunt this leadership game is designed for people to ask each other questions, connect, have fun and build a positive and helpful atmosphere for whatever may happen afterwards.

The Human Scavenger Hunt Icebreaker

Description: This icebreaker can be used in numerous situations to bring warmth and a good atmosphere. It brings people together and opens conversation by insisting that to play the game they must talk to numerous people to find out information.

Purposes: Icebreakers, Leadership games, developing inter-personal skills and communication.

Time and Materials: It’s adaptable to the size group you have but you’ll need about 2 minutes to explain the game and maybe 10-15 minutes for it to take place with a 5 minute debrief. You’ll need a photocopied page for each person with 10-15 questions on.

Instructions: The Human Icebreaker

1. Prior to the group coming together come up with 10-15 questions relating to people in a general way (i.e. Who in the group is left handed? Who was a paperboy as a teenager?) Photocopy the ten questions for the amount of the group. (Important: Don’t make the questions too personal).

2. When the group come together give out the questions and explain that they have to find peoples names for the answers of the questions and the person with the most answers after 10 minutes wins (If you wanted to go the extra mile then get a gag-prize). Make sure you get them to put their names on the list of questions.

3. You could also specify that they have to at least have a certain amount of different names on their list, say for instance 7 different people for 10 questions to make it more sociable and creating for connectivity.

4. After the allotted time get everyone to hand in the tests and skim through to get out the few with the most answers. Test that they haven’t cheated by asking if each person has actually got the question correct. If you have created interesting questions you could ask the person in question to tell the story. For instance if you have a question like “Who has ever played a sport professionally?” and there’s actually someone who has, get them to share and tell the story of their conquest and professional experience.

5. When you’ve finally worked out who’s won then congratulate them and either give them the prize or a funny role for the day. Make sure you keep the mood upbeat and then you can move on to whatever else is planned.

This is a brilliant game for icebreaking a difficult situation or training day as it opens everyone up for discussion and contribution. The human icebreaker is designed for communication. connectivity and cohesion amongst a group of people.

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