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Icebreakers Used By Professionals

We’re all about free leadership games as they provide an element of fun and learning to training situations and any group activities. Here you will find a selection of simple games which are used as icebreakers by professionals when training staff or in other situations. If you’re after a more complex list of games and icebreakers, maybe check out our other innovative leadership games.

Please search below for different ideas and possibilities for simple icebreakers, but also ask yourself “What do I want to get out of an icebreaker?” As the answer to this question will relate directly to which one you might want to select below or if you want to look at other leadership games on our creative site.

The Free Leadership Games and Icebreakers

The format of this next section is important to understand. In each green box is one particular game/Icebreaker with an accompanying section directly above it to offer some tips on the circumstance in which it could be used. Of course this is only a guide for our free leadership games but we want to equip you in the best way possible to succeed!

Three Stories and the Lie – This game is used in many situations across the board and is very generic to loosen people up and get some general conversation happening. It’s usually a lot of fun and lets everyone in the group know certain things about a person which then helps to start conversations later and build important connections.

Each person must tell the group (in turn) their name, position or profession and three things about themselves. Out of these three things one of them has to be a lie and the group have to vote on which they believe is not true. Once each person has done this the group leader must cast a vote on whether A, B or C is the lie (the three stories). When one person is done, move onto the next and you’ll be surprised how good people are at lying and how interesting facts/stories about themselves are. People are brilliant!Three Stories and the Lie

Introduction and a Fascinating Fact – This is a more condensed introduction but still has the ‘wow’ factor when people share a fascinating fact about themselves. This is usually used by adults or young adults as they have more of a life to share a fascinating fact. It’s usually used by people who know that icebreakers are needed, but don’t have much time to allow a long one to happen.

The first part is obvious, you can introduce yourself either by your name, profession or nationality etc and then you must share a Fascinating Fact about yourself. The fascinating fact usually shows your group how great and diverse each one of them is and it really opens up people to start connecting with one another.Introduction and a Fascinating Fact

A Career Path, Vision and Dream – This icebreaker is designed for usually teenagers, creative individuals or people involved in a really interesting field of study or work. It usually doesn’t go well with stiff-professionals or ‘suits’ as it can be a little ethereal and not hugely constructive.

Always share your name at the beginning so people know who to refer to you as. You have to share three particulars about yourself starting with a career path you want to pursue or be involved with, a vision which is either related to your career path or life (usually what you want to achieve) and a dream about either your future career or life (usually something crazy and what others might think ‘un-achievable i.e. World Peace or Making Poverty History etc.)A Career Path, Vision and Dream

We’re definately excited about adding new icebreakers and free leadership games to this section and our other hub, so keep checking back or even adding your own ideas and tweaks using the commenting facility below.

If these might not be as suitable please check out of our free leadership games which are more in-depth and creative, but also take longer to administer.