Business Simulation Games

Business simulation games are some of my favorite leadership games to teach understanding, teamwork and creativity. Often some icebreakers and leadership games can be very skim-deep and not very… well, deep! But these business exercises and games are as quick and easy or lengthy and detailed as the situation demands.

This game can either take 20 minutes or a few hours and can be designed around what you want to draw out of it. We hope you can use the template we set out below and tweek it to fulfill your needs.

Business Simulation Games

Description: This business simulation game can be played by as little as 2 people or as many as you like. The more the better but if you’re limited that’s ok, the game forces people to come into community and use there team skills as well as creativity.

Purposes: This strategic game is meant for business people to think quickly and sharply to engage in a problem and use a team to find the solution. However, this game is so creative that any team could use it to build innovative thinking, team-building qualities and better communication.

Time and Materials: As stated before it can be around 20 minutes if you want to put people under pressure (or if you don’t have much time) and it could even fill a couple of hours depending on the detail you give to them. Materials are variable also, if your group are really technological then you could use laptops, presentation software and a digital projector if available. Otherwise some simple paper and pens should be enough (and make it more creative!).

Instructions: Business Simulation Games

1. Be organized for this game – Know whether you need paper and pens or whether people are bringing technology (Laptops, IPads etc) and know the resources you have in the space you’re training.

2. When people arrive or when you feel appropriate communicate the purpose and role of the game, along with instructions as follows;

– Each team needs to put together a Business. The business type will be given to them (i.e. a coffee shop, website company, construction company etc.)

– The team must elect a style of leadership and work out how they’re going to make decisions.

– The leadership must then assign roles to the team. There must be a marketing team who will work out a good marketing strategy, a HR team who will work out growth and positions and a vision team (probably the leadership) who work out where the company is going and what they’re going to do.)

– All the teams must work cohesively to bring one presentation together at the end to explain the company, the roles and the results of all the teams.

3. Give them a time limit and let them go. While they are planning, go around and observe how everything goes, so that you can contribute as an observer when you debrief.

4. When everyone comes back let someone volunteer to go first and give there presentation. Make sure for each one you comment and bring clarity if they struggle to communicate something and at the end of each bring out the positives and some negatives.

5. At the end of them all start a discussion about what they all learnt and what could have been done better etc as all the teams can learn from each other. Make this time constructive and at the end give a brief overview about what was learnt.

This is one of my favorite leadership games as business simulation games can be very exciting and actually stretching in a team environment. Working with other people can be a real challenge and isn’t easy but this is where leadership really shines – who can unite people and actually work past everyone’s differences?

If you have any questions about business simulation games please use the commenting facility below. Otherwise to find other leadership games like business simulation games return to our training hub.