Why leaders are controversial ?

by Hammad

Due to difference of opinion, their leadership, novel ideas and actions give birth to many controversies

Hello Hammad.

Thats a great question! A little broad so it may be difficult to answer concisely but i'll give it my best shot.

I think the first and best place to start is the actualy personhood of the leader. The truth is that all leaders are only men and women who aren't always going to make the right choices or do the right things. It's understandable as I know and freely admit my own mistakes as a leader and im sure anyone would, we don't always get it quite right.

Saying that though, often another part of the personhood of the leader is the agendas they may have. Not always evil agendas, but none-the-less everyone has reasons for what they do and why they want to do it. The controversy usually comes from this fact because a leaders agenda isn't always popular and is often opposed due to the nature of leadership (there must always be opposition!). If a leader does or says something unpopular then it starts a snowball rolling which gives a lot of hype to negative talk about said leader.

Lets talk about character for a moment - we love leadership characteristics here. A leader isn't necessarily a fantastic person with leadership skills and a good heart & vision. They can be terrible people with very little skill to actually do their jobs. The character of any leader will be tested often and often again people fail under the pressure.

Hammad everyone looks to a leader and they are very visible to the people following them. What they say and do is scrutinized to great detail.

Leaders lead and others try to pull them down or be very critical. Sometimes leaders shouldn't be in the position they are in and should step down but controversy will always surround people in leadership.

I hope that helps. If you want a more specific answer please feel free to ask another question with more detail.

Thanks for your question.


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