Why is women in leadership such a controversial subject?

by Georgie
(Dallas, TX, US)

What advice would you give to a women interested in leadership?

Thanks for the question. We're working on creating some pages on women in leadership as it's such an important topic. Not because it's so controversial or that it needs to be seperated from leadership generally, but because it creates a new dynamic in leadership.

We're not living in a society which is strongly sexist anymore and there are leaders in almost every sphere which are female. It's fantastic as women make great leaders! The controversy I believe is from a different generation and from people with very out-dated perspectives.

As far as advice goes it's rather simple. Women in leadership need to do exactly what men do and try to be the best leaders they can be. Make sure that equality is happening between male and female team members and embrace the strengths that you have as a female leader. I've found in most cases that women have great empathy and organisational skills which make them excellent in most environments.

I would recommend some caution though. I was put in charge of hosting an event for thousands of leaders at a conference. My co-leader was a female friend that i'd known for awhile and I was very excited to work with her to achieve our goals. Unfortunately a third party female came alongside her and convinced her that they could do it without me and tried to phase me out of the planning process. I experienced some discrimination myself for being male and it alienated our entire team. Embrace equality and make sure you're being ethical in your leadership.

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