Ways leaders deal with stress

by Martin
(LA, US)

Would you happen to know some good ways leaders deal with stress? Specially in light of the juggling act we all perform. No one wants to loose their cool at home, in the workplace, or anywhere else! Your input would be helpful.

This is the kind of question that many people would be able to share their own experiences on dealing with stress. Unfortunately leaders are usually under a great deal of stress whether they acknowledge this or deny it.

You obviously want to get to the point of being able to release stress before it forces you to release it so I have the following suggestions.

1. Know when you're feeling overly stressed (we all are stressed most days but a little keeps us on our toes and a lot can kill us.)

2. Highlight activities which help you to release stress (some peoples are drawing, walking, running or having a hot bath etc.) and work them into your schedule on a weekly basis (daily basis if necessary!).

3. Know that you're not a freak for feeling stressed - share it with others and talk it out. Or go and hit a punching bag and shout at it!

As I said earlier all suggestions and methods are welcome but I would strongly advice that as a leader you have to be mature enough to know how to cope under its grasp. Furthermore if you want to grow, put these structures into your life so you can accommodate more responsibility. We don't want stressed lives but we want healthy ones.

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