Transformational Leadership

Transformational leadership is a term given to creating positive change in a leadership environment. Have you ever wondered how to make a change in a team, organization or business? Helping an institution or group of people change their ideals is often like trying to lift a car with your own two hands. Unless you're superman, it's unlikely to be successful and often result in a painful back problem.

To bring transformation in this type of situation shouldn't bring fear, but a tremendous opportunity to evolve your leadership. This is probably the most needed and most passed over leadership characteristic that should be in your arsenal.

Lets touch a little on leadership culture first, the culture of most institutions is that of stubbornness and resistance to change and transformation. However, every institution has cultural ideals which are either outdated, unhealthy or unhelpful! Who is there to change these things and how do we go about doing it? Let's explore this conundrum.

Leadership Development Plan: Transformational Leadership

There will always be more information and training than could possibly be put on a single web page, but as it has always been on we want to offer some basics and tips for you. Follow through the steps below and please feel free to leave questions in the comments box below.

  1. Identify the list of changes and work out which aspects of your institution you wish to transform. If it's only one aspect, then you're in an incredible place! Most likely you'll have a decent list of things which is great. Work out a list of 1-10 of these and put them in order of importance for change. Knowing exactly what you want to change is paramount.
  2. Discuss these aspects with someone you can trust. Getting someone elses opinion and input is also necessary for transformation. They can show you that maybe your list needs re-evaluating or maybe even suggest that some of the things are not needed due to possibly just your perspective (i.e. you could be wrong!).
  3. Mind-map a way to achieve transformation. This can't exactly be derived here, however I do want you to consider important people who could help you effect change and resources you will need to do this.
  4. Influence along the way to find the best results. No one will help someone who has no charisma or passion, or even a possible axe to grind! Transformational leadership influences change through your intellect and actions - you must be smart.
  5. Persevere to follow through on your hope for change. It may astonish you to know that this is not a quick process! Keep your strength and keep going to affect the change you want to see.

These are brief steps on the journey of transformational leadership but I also want you to keep certain things in mind.

  • There will always be people who are against change - it's human nature. Don't let these people put you off, you (hopefully) have a righteous cause and should be spurred on by the need for positive change. Whatever happens - don't be offended.
  • I've already mentioned but these things will take time, are you willing to invest yourself in this for the long haul? It's an important question to ask before starting this journey with transformational leadership.
  • You're not alone - don't alienate yourself firstly from your friends and close ones but also anyone involved in your institution. It'll be easy to do as people could be against you but you will perform change but influencing people to bring them on board, not by making yourself a martyr.

This leadership style is an important leadership characteristic, click here to view more characteristics like transformational leadership. Our aim is to equip you with the knowledge necessary to achieve success in your leadership. Stay tuned at Leadership Lime for more training and information as we continue on the journey of leadership together.

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