Time Management for Students

Time management for students is a particular area where we see a lot of need. As a student, it may seem like you always have something to do. There are constantly things to read or study or write. There are also other demands on your time, like a personal life. For this reason, staying motivated in managing your time is crucial to achieving your scholastic goals. Here are some suggestions for cultivating your student life.

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Time Management for Students: Tips

  • Set Rules for Social Media. Continually checking social media outlets can become a worm hole of wasted time. Set rules for yourself for when and what you do online. A good example is to only check your social media once a day, or set up alerts for any of the users that you need to be following at all times.
  • Use Separate Emails. Use your school email only for school. That way, when you check it, you won't get caught up in anything but school business. You should always have a throw away email that you use primarily for sign up forms online. When you check that, do so only in your free time. 
  • Don't Forget to Get Involved. A good school-life balance is necessary to avoiding burnout. But don't spend so much time socializing that your work suffers. 
  • Remember Your Career Goals. Instead of overwhelming you, let your career aspirations be a source of inspiration to get organized. You won't always be a student, so keep this in perspective when you are spending those long hours in the library. Motivate yourself to be more effective.
  • Get Started in the Summer. Try to get your reading lists for your Fall classes during the Summer. Getting all that reading done before hand will give you so much more free time when the classes. Read the primary sources before the class begins to give yourself an edge when it comes to completing assignments. If the books are not listed on the course website, email the professor. Most students know that professors hardly give you enough time to complete the assignment let alone the reading, so you will be extra prepared.
  • Invest in the Right Tech. The last thing you need is for your laptop to crash the night before that big paper is due. If there is one piece of technology you need in your dorm room it is your own computer. Having a small portable printer is also helpful because going to the printing lab takes up extra time.
  • Take the Time to Back it Up. External hard drives and USB drives are your best friends in school. Also, as an added tip, try emailing yourself a copy of your paper every hour as you work on it. It will be saved on your mail client's server.
  • Never Ever Procrastinate. There are many ways to mitigate the urge to procrastinate. Have a clear idea of what exactly you have to do and the best way you stay motivated. Divide up big projects into smaller chunks so you don't feel overwhelmed with responsibilities. 
  • You Cannot Do it All. Being in school is an exciting time with so many activities vying for your attention. This goes back to balance. Experiment with your time. Try one new activity or sport and see how it affects your schedule. Only then add something else.
  • Use Your Friends for Accountability. You have made a great deal of acquaintances in a similar situation as you. Work together: team up for research projects or ask a good friend to keep you responsible as you study for your finals. Bounce ideas off of them and get feedback on your writing.
  • Be Honest About Your Abilities. Do not bite of more than you can chew. You can avoid overcommitment and stress by knowing your limits. This is a time of your life that is supposed to be illuminating and enjoyable. Your intelligence is a great commodity, but everyone has a breaking point.

With the right skills, your days as a student can be pleasurable and productive. Learning to manage your time will give you the opportunities to create an ideal future. It is now that you set the foundation for your professional and private lives. Let it include a talent for living this life to its fullest and most useful.

We hope this helps to transform your life and give you the knowledge necessary to incorporate great time management techniques. To learn more time management for students return to our time management hub.

Time management for students is a really flexible topic because as a student you may find your 'own' ways of doing things. That's perfectly fine, these are just tips to help you along the way.

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