Time Management at Work

Time Management at work: Managing Your Time At Work

Work is one of the many places where you can be learn to be a leader. A large portion of a leader's position is to manage his or her time wisely. Here are some tips for being efficient at work:

Time Management at Work: Tips and Strategy

Keep a balance. Don't let what you do at home affect what you do at work, and vice versa. At the most basic level, get a good night's sleep so that you are not tired at work. Fatigue will significantly slow you down and prevent you from doing your best. Getting a full night's rest also tells your body that work is important and deserves your full attention.

Motivate yourself. Develop productivity goals that are measurable and attainable. Instead of “working harder,” you might set a goal to finish a certain number of files before lunch. That way, you will feel accomplished and use your goals to get more done. On a deeper level, remember why you work. Is it to support a family? To make a difference? To express yourself? No matter what you do, let your reason for working inspire you to improve your skills for managing time and setting a good example at work.

Use your space wisely. It doesn't matter if you have a large office or a corner shelf to yourself, you can always use space more efficiently. Take a trip to your local dollar or home store and get clear containers to hold your supplies. While you are there, pick up some file folders to keep your papers organized. When you know where everything is, you won't waste time looking for what you need.

Make labels. Invest in a label maker or commandeer the office label making machine and get to work. Mark up those clear containers you purchased. Also consider labeling shelves and drawers. This can save you hours out of your week that you would have otherwise spent looking for papers and supplies.  

Use apps. No matter what smartphone you have, Android to iPhone, you have options for apps that will help you stay organized and on-time. Even if you stick to the built-in aspects of your hand-held device, you have email clients, note-taking apps, and a calendar. Use these! You always have your phone, so you will always have a little helper to assist you.

Reassess your relationships. Whether you work for a small or large company, a thorough understanding of the chain of command is vital to using your time efficiently. Know who is responsible for delegating, and to whom they delegate. This is to avoid too much back and forth. Also, it will also make sure that two people don't the same work. This a colossal waste of time.

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Be considerate. Consider every person at your work as an important entity. If you have the respect of everyone at your company, you will be able to maneuver more freely. Everyone will be on the side of wanting you and the enterprise to succeed. You don't have to make everyone like you, but show them a side of you that is honest and dedicated to a purpose. 

Evaluate your time usage. Choose a normal day to simply record what you do and how long it takes you to do it. How long is that commute? Could those debriefing meetings be a little shorter? Or longer? Don't judge or try to force any change yet, just ease into a new flow. The slower you change your routine, the longer-lasting and beneficial the changes will be.

Learn how to schedule. Everyone has a different style. Some like to write down everything they have to do for the week on Monday, and follow that schedule exactly. You may find that a more open plan works best for you. Experiment with what kinds of planning work for you and your position.

Think ahead. The easiest way to save time is in advance. When you are knee-deep in a new project is not the time to change your approach completely. You will feel less overwhelmed if you know what you have to do in some detail. Get deadlines on a calendar, something you can see and reference.

Get healthy. No matter how hard you work, you still need to keep your body in optimal health. This means your brain as well. Burnout happens to us all no matter what our level of employment. Learn what your breaking point is in order to avoid reaching it. An efficient mind and body make for an efficient leader.

Through considering these ideas and techniques, anyone can boost their productivity at work. Time can become your ally. With minimal resources your career can take off to new heights. The key here is you: letting what is important to you drive your days at work will pay off big financially, physically, and emotionally. Following these suggestions will let your natural leader shine through in all aspects of your life.

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