Throw your weaknesses to the wind!

by Evan Williams
(Cardiff, UK)

After reading the recent issue of the E-Zine (#016), I had a slightly different view to working on your weaknesses?

A few months ago I had a look at a long list (40) of attributes (such as Decisiveness, Change Agent, Strategic Awareness etc.) and made a list of -
1) My Top 5 Strengths where I considered these to be my natural strengths - working in these areas I find effortless, energising and enjoyable,
2) I then identified a further 5 Strengths where I can deliver a strong performance but find it draining to do so, leaving me feeling tired and somewhat flat!, and
3) the 5 areas I consider to be my Weaknesses - no matter how hard I try to achieve these, I never feel that I can with any level of success and in my heart of heart, I don’t think I will ever be good at these attributes.

However, I then made the conscious decision to see these as areas I needed to manage, rather than develop.

So now I have put together a career plan that looks to -
• maximise the time spent on my Strengths, meaning I'm more engaged and using my strengths more often to the benefit of my team and wider organisation, and
• I'm also reducing the time spent on the other two area, taking the view that why not look to capitalise upon what I can do well rather than agonise over those that I can’t!

It’s early days but I'm now reflecting at the end of the day and coming up with a list of what went well rather than dwelling upon what didn’t.

I also find myself looking forward to tomorrow rather than dreading coming into work looking to try to fix a problem I don’t know how to?

I totally accept that to develop one weaknesses is a cathartic exercise and can have huge benefits if you can achieve some success in this area, but you can also find yourself spending a huge amount of time and effort on something that only frustrated you and who wants to do that?

Maybe worth a try?

Many thanks.

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Jun 27, 2013
Great Addition
by: James


Thanks for this article. It's brilliant that you had your own ideas and revelation about the topic of this weeks E-Zine.

The truth is that we all have something to share and a valuable leadership lesson to teach others. Your experiences will go a long way to helping others and adding to the continual conversation of what it means to work on your weaknesses.

I'll make a point to call this out in next weeks E-Zine as I feel like it'll benefit others also.

Thanks again for submitting an article and I'd love to see more from you!

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