Team Building Leadership

by Alex

One of the attractions this year was a huge rubber duck sitting in Darling Harbour leading upto Australia day. To the rest of the world its just a random and funny thing for Australians to do, however it celebrates an occasion by remembering that part of being Australian means that you have fun by being spontaneous.

This is a surprisingly good leadership lesson for us all to learn. You may think that i'm not being serious, but let me ask you some questions...

1. When was the last time you had fun with your team?

2. Have you ever really built up occasions to excite people and make them look forward to what's going to happen?

3. Is fun something which defines your team environment?

It may be that this isn't a leadership quality you want around your team. If this is the case for a good reason (like safety reasons or WH&S) then I understand but if there's no good reason, I would challenge you to think carefully about adopting some fun and spontaneity.

It is proven in Gen. Y that having events to look forward to and incorporating spontaneity is desired and needed for retention. Further than this, the new generation wants to take the serious things really seriously and the not-so-serious things, not as seriously - they want to have fun in their lives!

All people want to have events to look forward to, whether it's on a regular basis or just a few times throughout the year. I believe It's essential in the human spirit to need things to look forward to and to this end I wonder how we could grow our leadership cultures to build more 'hype' about events to bring the best out of people to create brilliant times and events.

I'm often asked how you can keep hold of staff or volunteers in business and organizations, this is an important key. You have to think outside of the box and know what people in this world really want and need in their lives. Often for staff retention you have to think outside of your needs for them and think about them as people who are living and have needs. Remove the focus from a management perspective of treating people like they serve a function and find out how you can serve them, create a fun environment and really build up the events in all our lives.

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