Task Driven Leadership

Task driven leadership is often called into play in several situations. It's very closely linked with the principles and values of management which say that efficient success in task is more important than the people doing it. This is a little unfair to managers and those incorporating this style of leadership, but the truth is that completion of tasks is usually the goal of most teams whether under managers or leaders.

There is definately a certain time in a leaders "career" where this needs to be adapted but I want to bring some warning as to when and how. We all have supervisors and people we're ultimately accountable to, and sometimes they put pressure on to accomplish certain goals. Maybe the efficiency of your team hasn't been up to par or your own leader has high expectations but in these instances task driven leadership is bought into play and accomplishment of this task is paramount to the leader and to the team.

This instance we're discussing is a fair use of task leadership but there are dangers of incorporating it too often. It's a really short term leadership theory as the long term aspects cause loss of trust, de-valuement and immense stress. I've witnessed too often leaders seeing the success of this style on paper and wanting to carry it on in times when its not vital. Managers would see the quick outcome of results and want to drive their teams further but this is not a beneficial way to treat people over long periods.

Defining Attributes of Task Driven Leadership

I don't want you to feel like this is the 'devil' of leadership theories as its not. However, I will always be on the side of leadership which wants results from tasks but won't jeopardise the individual or team for it. Here we will discuss determing leadership definition on task driven leadership.

  • Lead by goal setting and instruction is a distinctive quality of task leading. These leaders believe that their position is there to give people instriction and goals to achieve. Anything outside of these boundaries is not considered part of their role and responsibility. They may care and be interested but in comparison to the task, everything else should compliment its success.
  • Efficiency is a must in these teams as the leader/manager monitors the procedures and results of the team continually working towards a quicker and better system. The leader will cut anything out which is slowing down the process of completion of task and will stream line every detail to accomplish quicker and better results.
  • Clear focus is what these leaders want their teams to have. There is no doubt in the teams mind what is expected of them and this builds confidence as it clears up any idea of a different focus. Ultimately giving higher results but also high grievance in the long run.

We hope you've enjoyed this section on the task driven leader. It will always come up at one stage or another and you may not even realise you're in this zone at certain stages. Thats ok! Just don't abuse this tool in your arsenal to the extent of damaging your teams success in the long run. Task driven leadership is one of many leadership theories please click here to return to our leadership theories hub.

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