Social Media Leadership

Social Media Leadership are two areas which are slowly coming together in cohesion to create a great new avenue of communication for leaders everywhere. Social media leadership is what we would refer to the new avenue of resources such as Twitter, Facebook and even Google+. The progression towards this new facet of technology has been quite interesting as people prefer to find more ease in communicating leadership principles, details of events and general ease of access for people to have a connection with you as a leader.

There are still a number of other ways that leaders communicate - for instance in blogs, websites, articles and books. All of these are GREAT! But on a daily basis sometimes or for your team to even 'get to know you' on a greater level these leadership tools are excellent.


Twitter is a great example of social media leadership as it opens the communication channels to some of the biggest and best leaders in the world. Just as 'celebrities' use twitter as its easily accessable to them; some crazily inspirational leaders use them to teach and broadcast their ideas and experiences.

We love it too at as it communicates ideals and great quotes etc to people who aren't always able to visit our website. It's easy to sign up and get going at and start following people. Click on the follow button in our right hand column to get started and if you're unsure as to which leaders to follow, take a look at ours and find a few who may be a great influence on your leadership style.

Twitter helps to:

  • Communicate short messages of leadership to a large audience of followers.
  • Force leaders to define what there message is and be concise in its delivery (a great thing for most communicators!).
  • Let you start conversations with your team and other leaders in a non-confronting way.
  • Give the platform to say things which maybe normally you wouldn't in conversation (hopefully positive).
  • Enable your encouraging side of your personality to be drawn out to commend others.
  • Link your online articles/websites to a small communication and draw in people to read what you have to say.
  • Let other team members get to know you on greater level (hopefully!).
  • Give you an insight into how young people in the 21st century want to recieve information.

There are hazards which need to be addressed while approaching this topic of social media leadership, and thats the ease of falling into soley relying on such tools to be a leader. This may sound silly to most but often people can forget the personal touch when mentoring people or for instance say so much in social media that all their efforts go into it. On occasion i've seen leaders fall into the trap of letting it become the only way primarily that they communicate to their team and so, we must try and persuade you to let this be a tool and not a completely comprehensive way of leading.

Tips for succeeding as a social media leader:

  • Embrace the technology but we wise to know its limitations and also its innovations.
  • Don't let it become the sole way in which you communicate or interact with your team and the world.
  • Be mindful of the time you spend using these devices as it can interupt your entire life at times.
  • Be a learner and absorb new innovations; read and learn about what these websites/tools offer and how you can fully adapt them into your life (or not so fully!).
  • Learn how to be concise in your communication as this will help you in your own communication outside of social media leadership (don't waffle!).
  • Engage with others attempting similar tasks and build community with people.
  • Don't restrict yourself to rhetoric which 'isn't you' but be wise and be 'real'.
  • Have fun and adapt to new technology - add this leadership tool to the various ones you already have.
  • Follow and engage with other leaders and don't expect people to flock to you.
  • Have something to say!

If you need somewhere to start with social media leadership check out our leadership characteristics blog and subscribe to our RSS. If you're not sure what RSS is: you're missing out as a leader and should adapt right here, right now!

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