Small Business Course

Are you a small business owner? It can be difficult to achieve the success you desire when you're not fully equipped with the leadership ability to face your challenges.

With this thought in mind, and collaboration with other experts, we're specifically tailoring a 10 week leadership development course for small business owners.


The Course Breakdown

We're wanting to pack in as much helpful information as possible, but also not overwhelm or confuse you. Therefore, we are carefully structuring a very practical and beneficial 10 week course to develop your already existing leadership skills and help you in places where your weaknesses may be holding you back (we all have weaknesses - acknowledging them is the first step to overcoming them!)

Disclaimer: Specific subjects for each week are subject to change and may do so without any prior warning.

10 Week Leadership Development Course for Small Business Owners

1. Finding your Confidence and Perseverance.

2. The Action Orientated Decision Maker.

3. Communication (Written and Verbal).

4. Broadening Horizons: Technical Learning.

5. Planning and Organizing Ideas while learning on the fly.

6. Breaking down and Overcoming Fear, Set-backs and Walls.

7. The Customer Focused Business Leader.

8. The Keys to Building a Successful Team.

9. Staff Development and Effective Training.

10. Using Creativity in Business and Leadership.

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Spaces are limited in each course period as there is certain interaction required between the students on the course and us as organizers. We are offering this as a FREE course as we're currently pioneering it and we want to see you succeed in your business and leadership life.

We look forward to doing the journey with you.

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