LLP006 : Should you Build an Online Platform with Blogging (1/2)

In this session of the Leadership Lime Podcast we talk how you can build an online platform with blogging. I found the inspiration for this Podcast session from reflecting on my own personal experience starting THIS website.

The truth is that this blog/website has been a bit of a love/hate relationships when it comes to actually the journey of creating an online presence. I've had difficult times and some great times but the best times come when I know I've helped someone or influenced someones mindset. The e-mails I get telling me stories of how Leadership Lime has influenced them just make the entire journey worth it.

We all know as leaders we can influence those around us physically of geographically but having an online presence means we can reach and influence people in parts of the world that we'll most likely never visit or see.

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I think the most valuable experience i've had is having people from developing countries contact me to help train them in leadership. It's very common for people from these countries to contact website owners but the communication and help i've been able to give them has made it all worth it.

As I said in the Podcast this is a one of two because it was too much information to confine to one Podcast session. The second part of this session will be released in December to follow up the information we've given and add some more depth to what it means to be online and influencing others.

LLP006: Important Links

  • Bluehost is the service I recommend for Blogging as it gives you the ability to install Wordpress and have a clean domain name like (for example!) The price is cheap and you get really good service.
  • Solo Build It is the company that I used to build this specific website because it trains you to build an online business. It's more expensive than just a blog hosting company such as Bluehost but thats because it offers training and more features. You'd only need this one if you were considering building an online business!
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