LLP005 : Dealing with Change and being Brave

How do you deal with change? No... really! I'd love to hear how you feel about change in the comments below.

In this session of the Leadership Lime Podcast we discuss the problems of change, how we should cope with change and when it gets too much, how to eject yourself from the situation.

Leaders are trained to accept change and be happy about it, this mindset is helpful on the most part because leaders need to lead change. The problem that comes when situations become too horrific we struggle to detach ourselves and move on. When should we do this? When should we move on and when should we adapt to the changing situation around us?

Three Ways to Face Change

  1. Embrace Change - You choose to love what's happening and how things are  changing. You shift your mindset to outwardly always be excited and encouraged by changes that happen in your life and work. You choose to support it and openly support the proponent and initiator of the change to show you are behind what they're trying to do. You openly talk positively about what's happening and encourage others to be excited about it along the way.
  2. Enhance Yourself - You are happy about the change but to be a part of it you have to change yourself. You either need to improve your personal skills, professional skills or other skills to be able to adapt yourself to be part of this transformation. This means you have to grow as a person and put your pride aside to get on board with the change.
  3. Eject Yourself - This is the point at which you have tried the first two ways of dealing with change but now you feel the most fruitful way is to move one and leave. You decide that withdrawing from the situation is the best thing for you and moving on will open new avenues of life and leadership. You step back from the circumstance and take a new path on the journey of your life to something better.

LLP005: Important Links

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