LLP004 : Leadership Coaching and it's benefits for you

When you think about leadership coaching benefits you may not really know what it is to be able to think about the core benefits. Leadership coaching is an area that is new and empowering to leaders who are having issues that they can't find a way around. The essential leadership coach looks to empower the leader to cope with the situation and equip them to be resourced enough to deal with it if a similar one arose in the future.

We have recently launched online leadership coaching here at and we've been pleased with the response. We're really excited to work with some of our loyal visitors to see them develop and grow even further. If you're interested then feel free to use the link below to register your interest and initiate contact.

LLP004: Important Links

  • ITunes Review - Please leave a review of the Podcast as we're looking to have 20 reviews of 5 stars by the end of the year! Help us achieve the goal.
  • Leadership Lime Coaching - You can register your interest and give us an idea of your leadership coaching needs here, we're looking forward to working with you.
  • Leadership Coaching Information - Visit our coaching and mentoring hub of the website for more information on the differences between coaching and mentoring. We also give some more information about life coaching and how contracts work.

LLP004: Summary and Important Info

  • We discuss the new initiative of leadership lime and it's online coaching.
  • We talk about how writing a positive review on ITunes will benefit
  • We discuss the differences between coaching and mentoring.
  • We reveal why people are skeptical of leadership coaching and why you should invest in leadership coaching when needed.
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