LLP003 : My top 5 Leadership Books and why they inspire

In this session of the leadership lime podcast we discuss my top 5 inspirational leadership books. This session is very chilled and we just take a cup of coffee or tea and have a discussion about how different parts of these books have been inspirational.

As leaders we have to resource ourselves and invest in our own development to optimize our leadership ability. If you're not continually investing and taking time out to learn and develop then I'd strongly suggest a change in your routine to allow for this.

Be inspired and encouraged as you listen to this session and as I say in the audio recording, if you have a great leadership book that I don't mention then leave a comment below and I'd love to check out your personal recommendations!

LLP003: Important Session Links

  • John C. Maxwell Ultimate Leadership Collection. This book is 3 books in 1 and is an invaluable asset to keep on your book shelf as a reference and inspirational tool.

  • Rick Warrens The Purpose Driven Life. This book is a New York Times best seller and has inspired millions.

  • Peter F. Druckers Innovation and Entrepreneurship. This is a great business book and has great and educational content.

  • Bill Hybels Courageous Leadership. This is one of my all time favourite leadership books and is a great holistic leadership book.

  • The Holy Bible. Or just The Bible! It's a great book full of leadership gold, stories and experiences. (Like the quote above!).

LLP003 Summary and Important info

  • We discuss my top 5 inspirational leadership books.
  • I encourage you to all enjoy the little things! (Zombieland!)
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