LLP002 : Personal Vision, influencing and Podcasting with Cliff Ravenscraft

We interview Cliff Ravenscraft on this session of the Leadership Lime Podcast and he gives us a great insight into personal vision. We originally interviewed Cliff for the Website Lime Podcast which is geared towards online Entrepreneurs and website builders but there were certain themes of personal leadership and vision which made me ask him if we could also play the interview on this Podcast.

Cliff is a very gracious man and he talks about how his faith was intrinsic to his success and business building. The amount of influence he has and the amount of lives he's impacted is WAY more than most people and leaders will ever see.

There are brilliant themes of leadership through a new media (Podcasting) to be a leader in a specific field. Cliff followed his passion and built a lucrative business around his passion.

Despite enjoying earning money Cliff feels like his 'ministry' is actually helping people through his various Podcasts and business endeavors.

LLP002: Important Session Links

  • is Cliff Ravenscraft flagship website and the place to send some love or contact him directly. If you do, let him know you heard about his business from this Podcast!
  • Podcasting A-Z is Cliff's premium course for learning to Podcast online. If you're interested in taking to the airways (or internet airways!) then use the promo code PAM and let me know you decided to do it! I'd love to hear.
  • LLP on ITunes is a great asset to many people. If you'd like to show some love then go there to leave a positive review to allow more people to be impacted by the Leadership Lime Podcast.

LLP002 Summary and Important Info

  • We discuss Cliff Ravenscraft's path to success and development.
  • We talk about how Podcasting has changed many lives.
  • We learn about how you can find a place of influence in unlikely places (such as Podcasting!)
  • We get a great insight into personal vision and leadership.
  • We find out how personal passion can turn into positive business and finding a great platform for yourself.
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