LLP010 : Do you need to take a sabbatical?

So, it's been awhile! Why? A website sabbatical

In this session of the Leadership Lime Podcast I discuss my recent sabbatical from all things website and podcast related. It started off as a severe lack of motivation to keep up the pace of life I had created for myself. I was spreading myself too thinly and trying to cope with too much at once that something had to give!

Thankfully I have an amazing wife who picked up on my over-commitment and banned me from doing a few things for a week or two. This then turned into a longer break from things and more of a sabbatical experience happened.

What is a sabbatical?

A sabbatical is an extended break from your career or everyday life, which usually lasts somewhere between 2-12 months. It's a biblical principle from the book of Genesis which is now applied to places of employment. Many companies in the UK have decided to bring this into peoples contracts to give them the benefit of a kindof 'long service leave' or study leave etc.

Many people who take advantage of an extended absence from their careers to travel, do research for studies or even write a book etc. It's not a time to necessarily sit on your butt and do nothing, but rather a fantastic opportunity to do something that could change your life

Should you take a sabbatical as a leader?

After taking my recent partial-sabbatical I've decided I'll definately take more of them in my life! Simply because they're refreshing and important to take time away from what we're involved with to see if that's what we want to do with the rest of our lives. Other great leadership reasons include;

  • Getting perspective on your life
  • Finding a new passion for your future
  • Take time to accomplish a large life goal
  • Bring down your stress levels
  • Plan things you want to do with the rest of your life
  • Take a breath and invest more value into other (more important) parts of your lives

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