LLP001 : Introducing the Leadership Lime Podcast

Here we are! Finally releasing the first session of the Leadership Lime Podcast. We're releasing it to our readers here on the website first and probably within a week or two it'll also be live on ITunes, Stitcher and all major Podcast directories - Exciting. You will be able to listen to it on (and you can listen to the first one by clicking on th audio player above!).

Each session we will release the notes to allow you to listen directly on the websites or if you're using a Podcast player you can come here to read more information about what we talk about or find links and a good summary of the content discussed.

We're really excited that we can launch this Podcast today as it's been part of the vision for a long time. This website is a great hub for connection and resource, but theres something greater to being able to do an audio podcast. You'll be able to learn more about leadership and be empowered even further to find your own success and inspiration to really succeed everyday!

LLP001: Important Session Links

  • (There aren't really any for this one! Ha!)

LLP001 Summary and Important Info

  • Introduce you to the host James Baldock.
  • Introduce you to the vision and mission behind Leadership Lime and the Leadership Lime Podcast.
  • We talk about the passion, platform and position that leadership gives you in life.
  • We talk about the format and future sessions which will include interviews with leadership experts, important topics within leadership, leadership news and inspiration/knowedge to help you succeed in your own leadership.

If you would like to say your thanks for the Podcast being launched and enjoying the content I'd love a 5 star rating and review on ITunes, which will be available to do soon.

If you have any questions or you'd just like to leave a really great comment then please use the commenting feature on this page to address this first session of the Leadership Lime Podcast.

Thanks so much for being part of this website and journey! Check the main leadership lime podcast page for future links to different Podcast players/directories and announcements about future sessions and exciting things ahead.

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