Risk Taking Leaders

by Jack J

Let me start by saying I am not a big risk-taker and would term myself as sensible and fairly balanced. Even when I see great examples of leaders taking huge risks and being successful I don't get attracted to throwing all my money away or putting my business or family at risk. I remember reading some of Steve Jobs biography about how he was fired from his own company (Apple) and tried several other things, some of which were successful and some not. In all of these stories I felt bad for him for putting it all on the line and falling flat on his face, despite the ultimate success he created. Would I want to live a life of struggle, bankruptcy and loss to eventually succeed? No sir/ma'am.

So, when I was faced with a risky situation this week of whether or not to expand my own business and unbalance myself a little financially - I was not all-guns-blazing.

I spent several hours thinking over all the benefits and drawbacks of this move, discussing it with my wife and even with her approval I sat there in front of a computer screen and didn't want to push the next button to put in play the next development in my business.

Late on a Wednesday night I did it...

I immediately felt better that i'd made a decision and then looked back on some of the risks of my past and realized that taking risks have actually paid off for me big time. For example;

- I moved to Australia from the UK when I was 18 all by myself and now have a great life here in Sydney.
- I've invested thousands and thousands of dollars in my education and i've built a strong foundation for my life and leadership (with only a small amount of debt!)
- I've taken numerous risks on leaders and leadership decisions which haven't always been popular, yet I don't regret a single one.

Taking Risks is part of a leaders life.

Being a wise risk-taker should be encouraged. So I have this question for you;

Q: What decision is facing you right now that is risky? and what are you going to do about it?

I would never suggest that we should always go in guns blazing, indeed sometimes the wise decision is to step away and give up on an idea or action.

But do you just need the courage to make that final commitment?

Courage to give someone a leadership position you're not sure they can handle?
Courage to change your career or job, push for a promotion or make a change in your profession?
Courage to be strong when you may be weak?

Courage comes from within you and even the strongest leaders need to be encouraged to be courageous

Taking risks is a daily routine and the world we live in. I hope that you as a leader will excel past anything that faces you right now and be a wise risk-taker.

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