Qualities of a Good Leader

Many who look at the qualities of a good leader forget that the most profound step in leadership development is being able to adopt eve one of these qualities.

It sounds so simple. Everyone can think of someone they think is a good leader. It can be their boss, an informal group leader, a classmate, a teacher or a take charge volunteer. I bet someone comes to mind just as you begin to read this article.

The challenge is articulating exactly what quality makes you think that person stand out.  Sometimes it is a number of qualities that as a collective package makes the individual someone to look up to and to emulate.  For the person you have in mind, do these sound familiar?

The Qualities of a Good Leader: Leadership Success

Ability to delegate. Leaders do not assign tasks to get out of doing the work. They delegate responsibility and authority to do what needs to be done. The difference is trust and respect.

Communication. Leaders know that listening is as important as talking. Communication is a two-way street. A good leader hears what their team members have to say and take it into consideration when making decisions.

Confidence.  A good leader goes into every situation thinking they can handle whatever is thrown at them. Such an attitude creates an atmosphere is which everyone thinks that the ultimate company vision is attainable.

Commitment. When the going gets tough, the tough get going, as they way, and that does not mean running away from the situation. During every challenge and obstacle, a leader stays the course and drags the team along with him or her. Every mountain ahead is a speed bump in the rear view mirror.

Creativity. The phrase “out of the box” is overused, but apt. Leaders are creative. They think of new ways to do things because they see there is a need to do it different or do something never done before. Communication is key in this as well – leaders incorporate the creative juices of their team too.

Honesty.  A leader tells the truth, even the hard truths. There are things that no one wants to hear, but a leader says them anyway. It will make the individual and the team stronger, and bring the leader respect.

Intuition.  There is an argument that leaders are naturally born. While that may or may not be true, good leaders trust their gut when there is no clear path. Sometimes the decision has to be made between two otherwise bad choices. Leaders intuitively take the lesser of two evils, fueled by the facts at hand.

Positive attitude. This goes right along with commitment and a sense of humor. If a leader thinks anything is possible, and finds a way to make it happen, those around him or her will feel the same. This leads to affirmative creativity, brainstorming and innovation.

Sense of humor. Things will go wrong. Leaders find the humor in situations to keep the atmosphere light and moving forward. Browbeating individuals over mistakes is not as powerful as helping them overcome them with a good attitude and a little levity.

Ability to Inspire. A good leader motivates. Every individual has a different “button” to push that will motivate him or her to do their best work. Good leaders find what that is and give those individuals the chance to shine.

Decisiveness.  A good leader is not afraid to make a decision. The decision might be unpopular. It might be wrong. But when a decision needs to made, even in the foggiest of circumstances, a leader decides and accepts responsibility for its outcome.

There is a litany of other characteristics that could be rattled off:  role model, vision, courage, integrity, humility, strategic planning, focus, and cooperation among them.  If a leader has all of those qualities in varying degrees, that is what makes you think of them when you hear the phrase “good leader.”

The qualities of a good leader is an important part of leadership characteristics. We firmly believe that adopting these values and abilities will enhance your leadership growth and development.

If you have any other qualities of a good leader then please feel free to add them in the commenting box below. We'd love to hear from you!

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