Priority Evaluation

The Priority Evaluation will help us as individuals define the way in which we lead others. There is no magic formula for success in this instance but we can give you some tips to try and help you have healthy values.

It starts with you as an individual to have healthy foundations, boundaries and Priorities! Then it moves forward to having great relationships and community with your family (either blood relations and/or close friendships/relationships) and only then does it move towards prioritising those you lead and influence. The conclusion of having these strong foundations equals success of the assigned tasks.

Learning to do a good priority evaluation will set you up for a healthy life from a holistic perspective. By this I mean that when our priority evaluation is understood then we will not spend time doing things which are not so important, and have time for things which are important.

Some people skip over the family step and move straight from themselves to leading others or forget to work on personal leadership issues such as priority evaluation and try to lead others. I can guarantee that even if either of these work for a little while; at some point along the line you will fall flat on your face.

We need strong personal foundations and close people in our lives to be healthy and whole leaders.

Prioritizing Leadership Development Plan

It all starts with you! and then grows out. Don't be foolish and forget one of these steps. You need this leadership quality to succeed in every sphere of leadership. This is an irrefutable law of leadership. Follow the steps we give to re-evaluate your own values.

1. Be constantly working on yourself - leadership development is vital and should be a priority for yourself. Give your body time to rest, revive and recover. Make sure you're coping with the demands of leadership and know that in any circumstance if you're about to fall apart then every other priority will fail.

2. Be developing family relationships - whether its simply your own husband/wife and kids you need these people in your life to help support you and speak honesty and truth into your life. Having said that not everyone has such a great family so this can expand to a group of close friends or mentors in your life. And it should expand there even if you do have a great family!

Have great people around you who are going where you want to go, people you can trust and who want the best for You!

3. Be people-focused - After the first two points focus on the people you lead. Whether its teams, departments or even just family. They need to know you prioritise them and are committed to empowerment and for you seeking the best for them. There is nothing more satisfying than having a leader who loves the people he or she leads - that will be a happy and fulfilled team of people! The world needs leaders who are people-focused.

4. Be successful in task - once you have the other three priorities reasonably checked off this one should be a natural conclusion to a healthy leadership development movement. The task is obviously important but it needs these three healthy values to have it successfully completed. Often your own leaders wont necessarily care about the other three steps but only that the task is completed. In our opinion this is a poor perspective and leaders should all be following these steps.

At the end of it all its down to you! And we can't encourage you enough to make sure these four foundations (in order) are continually strengthened and worked on!

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