Positive Leading and its Enabling

Positive leading is quite normative for good leading by moral definition but it also possesses several other benefits from different areas of leadership. People want to be lead by people who are cheerful and positive as they convey these traits to all those around them. More than that it is a irrefutable quality which i valued above most else for Generation Y. Gen Y needs and respects true positivity among leaders and more so is attracted to positive leading. Essentially this is paramount to leadership as a true leader draws people to themselves. How are you using this leadership trait to attract people to you? Are you positive or do you find that you're generally more negative? Self analysis is vital to leadership development and growth.

In this page we will discuss a strategy to adapt positive leading into our team leadership and beyond. It's not limited to team leadership of course a positive team member is just as valuable. Everyone wants a positive outlook on life as positivity is life-giving and affirming. Lets begin this investigation and get this exciting exploration going.

Leadership Development: Positive Leading

There are five main steps to be taken to advance your leadership into the twenty-first century of positive thinkers. These can be tweaked to suit your individual goal whether it be organization leadership, team or entrepreneurial leadership. These guidelines can help you to draw more, and better quality, people to yourself and expand the possibilities of your endeavors. At the end of the day this will then go towards more and better quality success in your everyday life.

1. Don't gossip to people or your integrity will be infringed and trust will be broken. Whenever someone starts gossiping to be me the first thought that goes through my head is that this person could be saying similar things to someone else about me. Gossiping can be defined on several levels but saying negative things about others is quite poisonous and should be avoided.

2. Sell tickets to people and watch as people want to follow you and be involved in your life. Selling tickets is basically saying great and positive things about people whenever you talk to someone about another individual. I've mentioned it on other pages but its a tremendous leadership trait for positive leading. There will always be great things to say about someone under your leadership and if there isn't then most likely the problem is with you. For instance, if someone asks you about your second in command in your team you shouldn't be threatened but rather tell that person all the great things that you second in command does and is. Selling tickets reflects on your outlook as well due to your ability and willingness to be positive.

3. Encourage people around you and you'll see the life-giving power of positivity in action. Who doesn't want to be encouraged? I can remember when my leaders spoke encouraging words over my life and future and it sticks with me and definitely gives me admiration for those who took the time to encourage. If you struggled with this every time you meet with your team just pick somebody and highlight a quality or trait they possess which is extraordinary and tell them how much you appreciate them - it can be that simple.

4. Don't bombard people with your issues and problems as it'll overwhelm them and deem you as 'high-maintenance'. This isn't saying don't share your troubles with people or talk through problems you're having, but pick your people carefully and be wise. I only have about 5 close friends in the entire world that i'd be willing to share my problems with and 'unload on' because i trust them and they know all the good, bad and ugly about me. Certainly don't unload on your team or team members.

5. Work on yourself and employ the teaching and leadership development we have on leadershiplime.com and of course the above qualities. Transforming leadership is the key here as we want to be better and stronger leaders to do more and succeed more. Some people may criticize my emphasis on persona development and self-change as you do have to work with your strengths of leadership, but you can also learn and catch qualities which will help you think and change for the better.

Positive leading is just one of several leadership traits; why not move onto the trait of momentum and study this for the next week or so? We hope you enjoyed this section on positive leading and would love to hear about your successes and thoughts on what's been displayed here, please use our contact-us form for feedback and thoughts.

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