Physical Leadership

Physical leadership is a lifelong committment of trying to make positive choices in your day-to-day lives. We should note at the beginning that this isn't to turn people into gym-membership, healthy eating drones but to help inform and develop your knowledge and resources to live a healthier life.

Firstly the internet is a huge resource of information which can be taken advantage of for your development. If you're new to the internet then try searching google for Physical Leadership. Take a read through some of the results and see whether there's anything available to help you. Of course we will make available a decent amount of information to help you so hopefully that will be unnecessary.

Healthy eating is a phrase that scares most of us but is essential to Physical Leadership. You don't need to sign up to hire a nutritionist to achieve acceptable results. There are websites you can visit which give great advice on how to meal plan effectively. Even if the one we've provided doesn't fit your needs - search and search again; good Physical Leadership is worth it.

As a leader it takes a mentality shift to get on track with what food is meant to do. If you follow the next three guidelines you will be well on your way to this change. There are three primary reasons for eating food.

1. For sustenance - to give your body the nutrients and energy that it needs to perform at its peak. (this is where appropriate diet/nutrition is vital).

2. For community - share food with others and have great conversation. It makes eating so much more profitable when it comes to time management and it gives you the opportunity to listen or share with someone.

3. For fun - food should be enjoyed and bring joy to your life. Find great recipes and gain an interest in proper nutrition. You will gain a lot more from the time you spend eating and gain a new knowledge/skill set.

Exercise is another scary word within the sphere of personal leadership. There are very few people disciplined enough to go running every morning or hit the gym after work, but do not throw in the exercise towel yet! First let me start off by explaining the importance of some sort of regular exercise. If you can grasp the value of it then you'll be more likely to make the change in your life to allow this to flourish. Exercising helps extend your life and works with proper nutrition to give you all the energy you need to succeed. This is the basic foundation of physical leadership as you can't function properly without addressing it.

A balanced exercise plan will give you energy, joy and keep your body running smoothly (albeit with some muscle pain!). To find something you want to stick with though - make sure you find an exercise plan which fits your personal timetable and interests. Find a sport you enjoy playing and join a local club or try a few basic exercise plans and see whether you enjoy running/walking/cycling or any form of exercise really. Use the resources available to you and again websites. which can help you develop this area.

Maybe you already exercise regularly - fantastic! or if not, lets do something about it. No one would deny the benefits here but people stumble when either they commit to too much, the wrong activity or get disheartened and give up. Here are three tips on how to develop excellent exercise habits.

1. Find the best times - There's no hope in getting up at 5am in the morning hoping to run for an hour if you usually have more drive in the afternoons and hate mornings. You don't necessarily want to get exercising heavily in the evenings but find the appropriate times when you're free in your schedule, be wise and make a plan.

2. Find the best activity - As mentioned above you need to discover that one thing which gives you fulfilment. Do you love sport and competition? Then look up local sports groups in your area and try a few before picking one to find the best suited. Exercise should be fun and something you're looking forward to and not dreading!

3. Find the best attainable goals - Keep a record of your victories when it comes to exercise. Debrief from week-to-week and see the improvement of results/times/amount of exercise accomplished. Give yourself a goal of what you want to accomplish and work towards it. For instance; if you find a passion for running then enter yourself in a half-marathon in six months time and work towards it. Or if you need to loose weight then keep a record of how much you're loosing and share your success or drawbacks with someone who can keep you accountable for it.

Action It!

We've briefly touched on two very huge subjects in this section of Physical Leadership. I strongly encourage you to search the web, read a book or two and Action it! You are a leader - there is no point gaining more head knowledge if you don't actually action what you've learnt. Find a piece of paper or open a word document and write out three achievable goals. I would strongly use one goal to make sure you have someone keeping you accountable as it can be a lonely road if you don't.

Keep your achievable goals somewhere in plane sight to remind yourself but also to encourage you to follow through on your agreement with yourself. Don't feel bad if it takes you a little while to achieve these each week but coming back to it again and again exhibits strong character which is vital to successful leadership.

If you are keeping to your goals then you're taking great steps towards Physical Leadership success and you should notice the change in your health (Positive change we hope!).

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