Personal Leadership

Where does Personal Leadership all start? With you! of course. The foundations of all the people you lead starts with you. This section covers a multitude of leadership theories and areas which are sometimes confronting. Be warned this will mean significant development and change on your part! We believe that personal leadership is the most difficult but also the most important level of leadership. You may wonder why or even disagree! that's ok. Leadership means making change in yourself and its a continual process which will never end throughout your life.

I can guarantee that in every area of personal leadership every one of us needs improvement. This then presupposes that every leader needs to be humble enough to admit faults in themselves - yes! a great first lesson is that no leader or influencer is perfect. Read through this hub of personal leadership tips and development plans and maybe choose one or two to work on from today onwards. A good leader can identify his or hers own weaknesses and areas of improvement. This is not an opportunity to make excuses or try 'woe is me' but rather develop, transform and make positive change.

Important Opportunity: We have recently created a structure to implement a strong personal leadership development plan. If you're keen to take a positive step in your own leading development click here for more information on leadership development planning.

Personal Leadership Development Plan

- Physical Leadership

The first area of personal leadership in our development plan is probably the most avoided subject of any human-being let alone a leader. Physical leadership means dealing with your health, identifying areas of improvement and edifying the good routines you have in place already. Acknowledging the good things will bring motivation to work on the not-do-good.

What does this section cover? Very basically all health relating areas; exercise, diet, nutrition and everything in-between!

Why is it important? We think it's quite obvious but there are three main reasons. Firstly to have the energy and longevity we need to have balanced and healthy lives to succeed as leaders through the rigours and demands of our positions. Secondly the people we lead or have influence over look at us for a role-model and they will struggle to follow you if you're unhealthy, or worse they'll model that attribute themselves. And thirdly it creates good disciplines in yourself and important routines which build strong foundations for future problems and challenges.

How do we develop this? There's so many areas - this wont be done overnight people. Don't look at this as a mountain but rather something you can conquer taking one step at a time.

- Be a Team Player

This area seems so vacant and obvious but I can promise you its not. We have lead enough teams to know that about 80% of all people don't understand what it means to be a great team member. If you can learn this leadership trait early on you'll be taking a giant leap forward. This trait carries on throughout the ladder of leadership and is a solid foundation to stand on.

What does this section cover? The important leadership qualities you need as foundations to be successful in a team-based context.

Why is it important? You will always be in a team - shockingly even if you're the leader! You'll always need to be a fantastic team player and further to this you will understand how to identify other great team members.

How do we develop this? You will find yourself in situations to use this attitude related leadership skill. Setting out a list of healthy principles will helpfully dictate to you in situations how to respond and reveal yourself as an exemplary team member.

- Priorities

Our priorities define in which areas we will find success. Personal leadership means re-defining your priorities in accordance with what you want to achieve. This isn't to say we're trying to sway you one way or another to become a uniform drone but rather equipping you to have the principles in place to achieve what You want.

What does this section cover? This section covers how to redefine your priorities, the importance of them and how affective this can be.

Why is it important? Whatever your reasoning for following our leadership development plan; this area with a few tweaks will yield the best results. Its a hard subject to identify and develop by ourselves as we don't see the consequences of our priorities but look into this and you will find it to be fruitful.

How do we develop this? Being informed is the most important thing. Often we don't even realise or know what our priorities are and even if we do; often our decisions don't reinforce them. This is a really exciting leadership theory to develop and work on so please follow the link and prioritise!

- Integrity and Honour

Two vanishing commodities in modern culture are integrity and honour. Even reading these two words may make you feel convicted (we told you this would be confronting!) but do not fear, we are with you in this development plan. This leadership trait will keep you going the distance by giving you the substance to not fall short of the mark.

What does this section cover? This section will cover what it means to actually live what you lead. That basically means how to develop credibility and good reputation.

Why is it important? As a leader you start out with a certain level of credibility and this principle will increase that credit. What you don't want is to loose the credibility and respect of those you lead. You will find it impossible to lead people if they think you have no integrity or honour.

How do we develop this? Most importantly we will define what these two words actually mean. Giving leadership definition is important and we will continue to show scenarios in which this will be tested. Take note of how you model these qualities as it is vital to develop your leadership.

This section will be developing in the future but Personal Leadership theory is the foundations before you move onto Team Leadership..

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