Personal Leadership Development Plan

How will creating a personal leadership development plan help you? Great question! Thanks for asking - it's brilliant to want to change and grow, in fact reading articles and leadership concepts will help you greatly but often being organized enough to write down a physical plan on how you're going go grow will help.

We will make this very basic (but still life-changing!) because it needs to start with the foundations and build your leadership from the ground up. If you have a lot of experience with these development plans you can still learn a solid structure for your own ideas and tweaks.

Tip: If you're a little unsure of your own strengths and weaknesses, ask someone who knows you well and you trust.

Take a moment - think about your strengths and weaknesses as they are equally helpful whilst approaching this personal leadership development plan. You need to know yourself to help yourself in this fashion.

Do you have these written down? - Great! now work out a timeframe in which you want to achieve this development plan. I like a nice round number - usually I prescribe either a month or year in which to develop as it takes practice and time.

Got a realistic timeframe in mind? - Excellent, now you're ready for the real challenge to follow the steps below to plan your own development.

Important: Lets step into this personal leadership development plan for a moment as you need to understand the importance and benefit of this leadership activity, right?

It's one thing to practically work on your skills and ability but committing to such a plan as this will change your life in a way you can't see yet. Commitment allows for transformation and altercation with the weaknesses we possess and sometimes even our supposed 'strengths' and this can be very confronting. I have to believe that if you've gotten this far then you're willing to go a little further and come on this journey with us.

The Steps to Success: Personal Leadership Development Plan

Ok let's move back into the practical aspects of writing down and attaching this development plan. Unfortunately, we have to be quite broad as the inability to work one-on-one with you creates some draw backs.

  1. You now have a list of your strengths and weaknesses, a dedicated timeframe to accomplish this transformation and a will to get this done - excellent!
  2. Bring it all together and pick maybe a 3:1 ratio of weaknesses and strengths on your list (i.e. 3 weaknesses to 1 strength or more if you have a long list)
  3. Realize that the power to change is in your own hands and therefore no magical solution will work out well for anyone.
  4. When you have these weaknesses and strengths, write them out separately and stick them to a prominent wall or place that you'll see regularly. It's important to be reminded about this personal leadership development plan.
  5. Lets move onto the How behind the What. You are presented with leadership decisions and circumstances everyday and in these moments you will choose to be different. Of course you will have that grinding of teeth moment where your previous self will want to go back to being the way you were previously, but you will resist.
  6. Think about how differently you can act or your decision making axiom in regard to building your weaknesses into strengths and further developing your strong components. Some people wouldn't suggest building strengths but they are mistaken, any body-builder will tell you that if you don't exercise a muscle as it's current size it will diminish. Life is a continual exercise of strength and leadership.
  7. Write a daily/weekly or even monthly journal on instances where you incorporated a moment of growth into your leading-life. This would be where you pushed yourself to either respond to a situation differently to incorporate a positive moment of overcoming a weakness or even a choice where you moved into territory you previously would have chosen not to go. The options are endless and you will know how to do this with your weaknesses and strengths. A rookie mistake with personal leadership development plans is that of thinking people can't confront their own weaknesses, you have the power.
  8. At the end of the set period write out your chosen weaknesses and strengths in a document and with your journal, go through and highlight the 'highlights' of your moments of growth and overcoming to write them into this new article as stories of accomplishment. I'ts nice to design this article/document in a way which is visually attractive but the end goal is to place this on your prominent wall or place to show how you've developed and here endeth this particular development plan.

Do you have questions? or are you struggling to apply your strengths and weaknesses to this plan? Write in the comments feature below and we'll do our best to address these ASAP.

If you have leadership questions please feel free to use our Leadership FAQ to ask them in an open forum and have experts reply with answers.

This section incorporates a lot of personal leadership, so if you want to work towards a better personal leadership development plan then click here to read about relevant topics.

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