Passionate Leadership

Passionate Leadership is a trait that not everyone possess's, but some of the greatest and most successful do. This isn't about being loud or being awkwardly and outwardly expressive. That can be attempted and mostly accomplished by a lot of people but people who have true passion will be known for it. I always loved Martin Luthor King jnr's speeches as they inspire such belief and following, but he communicated with incredible belief in his message and with such charisma. People wanted to follow him and amplify his vision and mission. Do people want to follow you? be around you? and more importantly amplify your vision and goals? I hope so! But if not read on and adapt some of these points to your leadership life.

We're very passionate about this website and seeing leadership development in your life so we have immense hope that you read through our site and hear our PASSION about this subject. If you don't then maybe we even need to find our passionate voice to communicate better to you. The truth is that we all need to improve and I know as a fact that I need to work on being more passionate to draw people into my leadership and vision. We are all on a learning curve of leadership and that's nothing to be ashamed of, nor is it any kind of weakness we shouldn't acknowledge.

Leadership Development: Passionate Leadership

Follow through on some of these suggestions to develop passionate leadership in your life and we are confident you will start to see results over the next few months. All leaders throughout the business, political, sporting and religious world need passionate leaders to follow and whichever your field you SHOULD be passionate about it, and that passion should be contagious.

  • Know what you're saying and people will trust and follow what you say. If you're educated and know a lot about your subject then people will listen and your credibility will be enlarged to your target audience. Go into a situation knowing you have the confidence to field questions and bring knowledge to the situation. The best preachers will know every element of what they say, with the background information and context to communicate a message with confidence and wisdom. Aspire to know more and learn more about your chosen subject to bring direction and information to your team.
  • Work on new communication methods to tell your team and express information. Verbal talking is probably the most usual way to communicate but there have been great steps taken to use all sorts of ways to communicate. One of my favourite is video presentations as it allows for you to say exactly what you want to without all the 'uhhhh' 'yeh' 'but ummm' and allows you to focus on delivery with vocal techniques and good body language.
  • Be excited, be positive and all of your communication will be passionate. You should be excited about what you're doing and this should define you as a passionate leader. Someone who drags their feet and makes awkward comments about how bad everything is just lowers the atmosphere. Whereas, people who are excitable and ready to keep moving, can't stop saying great things about what they're doing - this is passionate leadership at work.

Passionate leadership is eclectic in its ability to be linked into every sphere and level of leadership. Its motivation and charisma makes it an ideal leadership style and quality for people to adapt and use.

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