Online Time Management

Online time management skills are essential for leadership. Working and surfing online can save time and open up a global world of communication. However, it can also be easy to waste time on the computer or phone. Here are some tips for conserving and using your time wisely when you are online.

Keys to Time Management Success

One thing at a time. Multitasking becomes easier when you have a laptop, tablet, and smartphone all going at once, but it doesn't make it more helpful. Try working on one device at a time, in order to give it your undivided attention. This will ensure that you do what you need to do correctly and fully. You will end up losing time if you don't remember what you did. This may make you have to repeat your work.

Live by your To-Do list. A simple prioritized to-do list will help you to alleviate forgetfulness and disorganization in your work place. Start with an informal list of everything you need to do for the day, and then categorize everything by importance. Complete the most important tasks first, then work your way down. You will find your own style, for example if you prefer to do the most difficult tasks first and then work down to the easiest ones later in the day.

Stay calm. Your mental attitude absolutely determines your productivity. If you have your mind in the right place, you can achieve any goal. However, a disorganized and distracted mind cannot achieve the simplest tasks. You clean up your computer of unused files and cookies, why not refresh your mind? A simple hand massage or soothing music can renew you in a big way.

Don't let time become your enemy. One accurate clock in your work space is enough. Do not get overwhelmed with technology. When you get sucked in, it can become a whirlwind of wasted time. Take control of your time by understanding how much of it you have to spend online or doing anything else. Don't be afraid to say no.

Back up everything. Repeating tasks that you have lost to computer malfunction is the easiest way to lose time. Made a rule of backing up your online work offline, even on paper, every so often. A good filing system and external storage devices like USB drives are necessary for this.

Work offline. Turn off that modem or wifi function on your phone. Working offline will allow you to focus on the content of your work. If your work requires a continuous internet connection, use it sparingly.

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Say no to social media. Social media, unless used for purely work purposes, has no place in your work day. Make a conscious effort to say no to Facebook, Twitter, and messengers while you are working. Even if you use social media for work, know what needs to be written and when you need to go offline to make a call. 

Use apps to keep organized. Applications and software programs can be your best friends when you use them to their full potential. The most common ones are calendar, address book, and note-taking apps. Try a speech to text or memo app for recording your thoughts.

Keep everything updated. Make sure you have to most current software installed on your devices. This is allow for the most functionality from your devices.

Make a plan. You need to be in the moment to get things done, but be sure to lend a thought to tomorrow. Just a little preparation, such as a preliminary to-do list, will have you ahead of the game for tomorrow.

Be accountable. Even when you work alone, know that your work will affect and seen by someone else. This includes people outside of your company that will judge your organization based upon your work. Value your efforts as a reflection of your talents and hard work, and you will always do your best.

Being able to focus on each task means that you are a good direction taker and therefore a good direction giver. Online time management will build your skills as a leader in this way. You must set an example for online activity for the rest of your team in order to be called a true leader.

Online time management is one of the most difficult areas to get right as a leader. Often you can get drawn into the abyss of the online world for hours and really not achieve anything. If you'd like more tips to improve your online time management skills return to our time management hub.

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