Motivational Speaker for Leadership

James Baldock is a passionate motivational speaker for leadership and leadership coaching. Due to his extensive experience in team leadership and years of studying leadership theory, James is an ideal motivational speaker for many leadership training sessions and motivational speaking. He believes in providing holistic leadership training which incorporates many different subjects. The passion of leadership and being a motivational speaker has taken him as far as Australia all the way back to his native land of the United Kingdom.

Some of his favorite subjects include self development, team leading and organizational leadership. Coming at all of these subjects from a people-valuing perspective, James teaches techniques of how to lead people and changing your mindset. To read more of his subjects please visit these other pages;

- Leadership Coaching and Development

- The Characteristics of Leaders

- Innovation of Leadership

- Personal Leading

- Teamwork

Being a motivational speaker and leadership coach, James focuses on the different elements of the body to provide training and speaking to grow and develop the theoretical and practical devices of leadership.


If you want to hire James to come and speak at an event or conference then fill out the form below with as many details as possible. Starting up a conversation via e-mail will help to develop an idea of what your needs are and what exactly can be provided. Although he is sought after as a motivational speaker, there is flexibility on dates and arrangements.

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The information provided on is almost completely the work of James Baldock. It is various information on leadership topics and various levels of leading, it is more of an initial survey of articles and topics which can be developed a lot further.

If you want to know more about James Baldock as a motivational speaker for leadership then send the initial e-mail (via the contact form) to get more information.