Momentum Leadership Trait

The momentum leadership trait is basically the movement forward of a team/organization/business and/or leader. Momentum helps to build forward motion so that all of these possibilities can be built and moved forward through a culture of change and innovation.

When the ball of momentum is continually rolling forward everyone in the organization knows that the focus is growth and building on what is established today to make it better tomorrow. If you want more to grow in your people and organization we strongly suggest you adapt this principle and keep it as part of your culture that encompasses everything you do and attempt.

Leadership Definition: The Momentum Leadership Trait

Here we'll look at some of the definitions of momentum and issues surrounding its outworking. Often in exploring these topics it seems obvious what is meant by a topic name like momentum leadership trait, but it's not the end of the story. Looking further into a topic really brings out the best and details of whats being meant in its communication.

  • Others will oppose your momentum because you're upsetting the norm, you're destabilizing the view and moving into other peoples insecurities. People don't like those who make waves or try to innovate into new grounds. Tall poppy syndrome is definitely in affect here because people don't like those who have more success than them. A great example of this is any leader who was risen up in any business, organization or country to the top of their respective area and now everyone wants to be them and to do that they have to climb over them. People attack the president of the United States on every level possible due to their momentum and success. A great example in Australia is that of Pastor Brian Houston and Hillsong Church. Hillsong is the largest Church in Australia and are so innovative and contemporary that everyone wants to cut them down because of their success. The only way to really do this is attach the leader of the organization (Pastor Brian Houston) and attach him on any level possible.
  • Momentum is more than flashing lights and dancing girls which are portrayed for all to see. Whatever your organization or business this momentum leadership trait needs to be more than what everyone can see the acknowledge or you've lost the entire point. Momentum is enforcing the vision which binds everything together - it brings all the importance and purpose together into one moving vehicle and then gives it gas to move on and succeed. If you're focusing on the flashing lights and dancing girls then the momentum will only take you so far and nothing will have been achieved except a good show.
  • Momentum is inclusive and not exclusive as it requires everyone to be on board. If you're a leader you have a team of people, obviously, and they have to be caught up in the momentum of your vision. The momentum needs to be big enough and 'good' enough to bring most people on board with what you want to achieve and grow into. If people don't trust your vision and are skeptical of your motivation and agenda you'll soon see people leave the boat for greener pastures.
  • Momentum builds on today's success for tomorrows growth and doesn't stay placid. This is another point that emphasizes the need for a constant culture of adaption and growth. The momentum shifts these ideals and keeps them moving but when its stopped for whatever reason it diminishes. This momentum builds on what has been achieved and endeavors to make it greater than it is right. This momentum leadership trait is building towards bigger things.

We'll be constantly using our momentum to build this section of leadership traits. Momentum leadership traits is an example of many so click here to explore the others.

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