Coaching: Lions for Lambs

Lions for lambs is an interesting political movie which exhibits leadership coaching at its best. Although filled with questionable characters and agendas this story is teeming with great life coaching moments and leadership qualities which are hard to find but gold. This is a perfect example of finding subtle moments and intense coaching of an individual student.


With multiple stories being told at the same time this movie focuses on social engagement with particular agendas on Americas influence on the world. This political thriller tells the story of all the 'actors' involved in political ideology. For the purposes of this leadership movie we'll focus on the three main students.

This movie starts with a professor confronting a student who has poor attendance in his class and in the following hour turns this students life around by using the story two earlier students who are now in the military. All three students are shaped by what is taught by the professor and in their short time together the first students life is forever changed through a brilliant exhibition of coaching to reveal what the student really wants from life.

Movie Quotes

Professor Stephen Malley: The decisions you make now, bud, can't be changed but with years and years of hard work to redo it... And in those years you become something different. Everybody does as the time passes. You get married, you get into debt... But you're never gonna be the same person you are right now. And promise and potential... It's very fickle, and it just might not be there anymore.

Todd Hayes: Are you assuming I already made a decision? And also that I'll live to regret it?

Professor Stephen Malley: All I'm saying is that you're an adult now... And the tough thing about adulthood is that it starts before you even know it starts, when you're already a dozen decisions into it. But what you need to know, Todd, no Lifeguard is watching anymore. You're on your own. You're your own man, and the decisions you make now are yours and yours alone from here until the end.

Todd Hayes: Look, if we're gonna spend tax dollars, our tax dollars, to help people break the law in a safer way, why don't we have a designated drunk-driver lane on the highway too?

Lions For Lambs: Coaching Lessons

Watch this movie to pick out the gold moments and lines which help to shape the direction of the lives of the people involved. Withdraw the manipulation and propaganda from the equation and find the principles in Lions for Lambs.

1. Listen to people who want the best for you.

Great coaches want the best for their clients/people. It's not a professional obligation, or atleast it shouldn't be and therefore you should listen to those who have pure intentions and have the wisdom to challenge you in your ways. People who want the best for you will take an active interest and won't expect you to just fit into particular routines but rather invest in your future.

2. Be open to new ideology and direction.

The greatest leaders aren't so set in their ways that they can't be open to other ideals and wiser peoples advice. The very purpose of coaching and mentoring is to help individuals grow in their leadership and enlarge their lives. Lions for Lambs tells the story of lives which are forever changed due to people asking great questions of them.

3. Ask Great Questions!

We've said it before but a tremendous leadership characteristic is asking great questions. It's how we learn and engage as human beings. Listening to someone talk for a couple of hours will help you learn something but often a single great questions will release information and advice which is far greater. Engage people who have something great to offer and draw out from them the principles and wisdom which will help your own life excel and the lives of those you lead.

Lions for Lambs is a great movie on life coaching. Click here for more resources on Coaching.

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