Life Coaching Websites

There are many life coaching websites out there who make a lot of promises and don't provide a great service. How can you know which ones are good and which aren't? The truth is it's very difficult because they tend to be very similar and exclaim their own brilliance without providing any results.

Firstly there are hardly any informational/content based websites which will provide you with information around this topic, that is why we strive to provide great free resources for this topic and other related leadership subjects. There should definately be free (and not free!) tools and resources out there to help in coaching situations and leadership coaching.

Important note to coaches: We would really be interested in highlighting some really great coaching websites or coaches in this section to provide our visitors with options and information. This could either be a mention or a possible joint venture / advertising but if you have any questions please contact us.

Tips on Life Coaching Websites

What can you look for in great coaching websites? There are some important things to look for which will help you identify quality websites and even more importantly, quality coaches.

  • References - All good coaching websites or coaches have references from people who will attest to their good skills and ability. Usually don't be happy with only seeing a couple, as a couple can be either a bad sign or mean they could be fabricated. When someone is well spoken of then it's a good sign they can provide what they say.
  • Not Just a sales page - Too many coaching websites only have a sales page which has the BAM effect but there are no other pages to look at except a way to put in your credit card details. A sales page is good for a website as it shows they have something of value to provide you but not exclusively to good content and information.
  • Pre-selling a product or service - From a website you should get the impression that this service or person has so much to offer that what you'll receiver will be more than you actually wanted. Coaching websites should over deliver in services and ability to help you with whichever problems you're facing or whatever situation you may be in.

We're actually hoping to provide a service in the future for coaching people so if you have an interest please use our contact form for more information.

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