Life Coaching Certification

Life coaching certification is something that everyone in the business tries to emphasize to prospective clients, and future life coaches! As life coaching comes from a background which isn't really accredited and is a field which is really young, the certification has become quite important.

Credential's show that someone has experience and is accountable to an organizational body which regulates high proficiency levels.

What should you look for in a certified life coach?

There are two main areas which will define a really great, committed and experienced life coach. It's important to note before we explore these two areas that as its a young profession a lot of people are still getting their credentials or being trained - I wouldn't be put off by this, in fact someone in training probably has a lot more 'gold' to share and consultant with you than someone who isn't. That of course is just my own personal thought as we're really into training and education to be the best we can be.

  1. They should possess a life coaching qualification. This is quite broad as some qualifications out there are just certificates or diplomas, but it can go as far as masters level study. The University of Hull in the United Kingdom offer such a masters degree, although i'm sure there must be others out there who offer it too. Don't expect every life coach (or you if you want to become one) to have a masters degree in this though. A simple certificate is perfectly acceptable but it's good to check on someones qualifications if you're going to employ them and you should already know what you're expecting.
  2. They should advantageously be accredited by a larger body. Possibly from the International Coach Federation or from the Assocation for Coaching. But if you're looking for accreditation then put in some research into finding the right body to associate with. This could be different from country to country.

Obviously you want to make sure the person or business if legitimate. This will be apparant from a clients perspective due to propper billing, good representation and the hopeful fulfillment of the above two certifications. Life coaching certification is still coming together in this new and exciting field but definately look for some sort of interpretation of the facts communicated here.

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