Leading in 2014: Why you should avoid at all costs!

When we look at leading in 2014, some leadership principles will stay the same from 2013 but some wont. By the title of this article you might be wondering why I'm telling everyone not to lead in 2014! We'll get to that in a little while, but let me ask you this - How was your 2013? What is going to make 2014 just that much better?

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A revelation I had in 2013 was that I don't have to do everything! I don't have to do all the work and manage absolutely every little detail of my life for things to work out. I started outsourcing work that I didn't want to do and worked with people to empower them to do an even better job than I could have ever dreamed of doing!

This inspired the thought that maybe in 2014, as leaders, we shouldn't be leading as much. Maybe we should seek out new people who we can trust tasks with and train the next generation of people to excel into their potential.

5 Tips to Stop Leading in 2014

  • Allow others to lead in your place. It's sometimes the hardest learning curve to just loosen the reigns and allow someone to have the opportunity to lead. This doesn't make you a bad person or a bad leader, it just means you're holding on a bit too much. You have to face this with the mindset that they may fail or stuff up what you get them to do, but the whole process is a learning curve for you and them. Spreading your leadership responsibility will empower them to fulfill their potential and allow you to do more (or less) with other areas of leadership.
  • Allow yourself to be surrounded by good quality people. Sometimes we look around and all the people around us, working with us and are close to us might not be the absolute cream of the crop. You have to be confident and secure enough to bring in people and build relationships with people who are full of trustworthiness and are responsible. You need to identify how you're going to draw these kind of people in, make sure there's a space for them around you and then draw the best out of them to take leadership responsibility.
  • Allow yourself to embrace young people and not disqualify them. Usually leaders face this as a black or white issue. They either only want to give young people the opportunities or they never want to let young people take any sort of leadership position. I'm more inclined to allowing young people to have the responsibility of leadership, but it's a risk and an adventure when it comes to mentoring young leaders. Young people have the enthusiasm and interest to learn from you as a more mature leader. This makes a relationship like this very beneficial for both parties as you're in a brilliant place to help them grow as leaders and learn many lessons you might have found difficult.
  • Allow yourself to dream about what else you could do in 2014. If you're following this article and want to lead 'less' in 2014 then obviously you're going to find more time on your hands. Think about the potential of that extra time you have, what could you achieve? Maybe it's more time with your family... more time on your business... more time following a new adventure? The possibilities are endless and you have the choice.
  • Allow for things to change. There's that word again - change! It's the most important and equally most difficult part of leadership. Will you be happy if things are going to change? It all starts, works and ends with you when it comes to your own leadership changing. It takes a shift of mindset and willingness to try new things and be committed to change which in turn, leads to succeess in leadership.

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