Leading a Transformation : The Keys to Successful Team Leadership in a
Modern World

"I am excited to announce 'Leading a Transformation : The Keys to Successful Team Leadership in a Modern World' as my first work on transformational leadership in a team leadership context."  - James Baldock

This E-book brings a new context and outworking of leadership to reach a new generation. It's practical and inspiring to help you reach the next level of leadership in whichever way you lead. James has witnessed time and time again the need to revolutionize the way in which managers, leaders and organizational chiefs lead their teams.

'The' Leadership Book for 2016

Are you looking for the best leadership resource for 2016? 'Leading a Transformation' has been specifically written for leads who want to look to the future and start building towards their vision today. The topics covered in this ultimate handbook will help you change your team culture to be a place of fun, success, empowerment and achievement.

Here's a sneak peek of some of the chapters included;

  • "Understanding Generations and the Need to Diversify" This chapter looks at what each generation have to offer, how to work with different generations and why you should have a diverse team.
  • "Using your Platform Honorably" All leads have a platform of some sort and you should be using it effectively and brilliantly. In this chapter James looks at how to be an honorable and ethical leader in a world which needs leaders like you.
  • "Transformational Positivity" In a post modern world and negative society, people are searching for transformational positivity. There are negative messages and voices in all the lives of people alive today, but they want to hear a message of hope from you as a leader.
  • "Integrating Social Justice" There are certain mindset shifts that need to occur for modern leaders to succeed with people today. Good quality people want their work to mean more than a paycheck and therefore you need to integrate new elements into their work environment.

Do you want to be a better leader?
Do you want to attract more quality people to join your team?

''Leading a Transformation' will help you achieve these goals and much more. If you apply some of the core leadership traits outlined in this book, you're sure to see some immediate results. This leadership book will help you;

  1. Build essential Leadership Characteristics to succeed in today's world.
  2. Grow the leadership potential in your current teams.
  3. Inspire the people around you to lead well and want to achieve more in life.
  4. Achieve the tasks you need need to see completed under your leadership.

What are others saying about 'Leading a Transformation'?

'... I love it! I know 20 people right now who desperately need to read this book.' Tina, Bulgaria.

'... New ideas about leading are paramount for continued success. James talks about some of the most important issues for leadership moving forward.' Simon, England.

'... I found it inspiring and astounding how many things were right there in front of me, but I didn't realize their importance until now.' Don, United States.

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