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What are Leadership traits? It's a great question and important one for you if you take leadership seriously. It's best expressed when you think of it in terms of what others say about you or other leaders in regard to how they will and with which characteristics.

For instance one of my old bosses - a really nice guy on the inside, had a serious reputation for being unapproachable, moody and difficult. I'd known him for awhile and could see why others saw him this way but I couldn't brush it off as continually people came to me and asked why he was like that. I had no real answer in all honesty but it was his leadership trait. Of course this isn't a positive example as its a negative leadership characteristic but just so you get the idea.

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Winston Churchill is someone who I admire for his leadership, not due to me wanting to be just like him but he had a few distinct ones which defined his leadership. He had incredible strength and grit and was the ultimate warhorse for Britain in WW2. These characteristics carried the UK through a terrible war and of course after the war was over the country no longer needed him and preferred more of a politician than a warrior. That being said - what an example of fitting the right person into the right job!

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6 Key Traits

If you're serious about Leadership - own and develop some of our suggested leadership traits!

1. You must possess Passion - Passionate people are known by many in an organisation. Often they are the ones who are ridiculed by the small people but if you can have a leadership trait of passion then people will follow you.

I often listen to famous speeches and find great inspiration, inparticular MLK Jnr's speeches are filled with such passion and conviction that something stirs in me and I feel like his vision has become mine. My heart races and in my mind i become a freedom-fighter who wont be stopped by anything - even death. Of course reality kicks in and i realise that i'm not really a freedom-fighter whos facing death... but people who possess this passion will fill others with their vision and its an incredible leadership trait.

2. Be a decision maker - We're not talking about irrational and incapable leaders just firing off answers to questions.

  • Be quick but not hasty.
  • Be committed but not rigid.
  • Be strategic but not over-analytical.
  • Be thoughtful but not obsessive.

People don't want someone leading them who can't make up their mind - period. You need to possess this skill to broaden your leadership sphere. Think about how you and others make decisions - ask yourself how others react to these processes and if they can be stream-lined with the above process. Make sure you cut out the negative and reinforce the positive.

3. Be a visionary - definitely check out our visionary leadership section for more detail on this. It's a bit of an advanced leadership trait but when you get to the point where you need it - you better have it!

Most entrepreneurs strive desperately for this leadership trait but I believe its necessary for any team leader. When you're given an area to oversee or a team then you have control over the culture and atmosphere (and success) of that leadership position. Make sure you have a vision for what kind of leader you want to be and what kind of future your area/team has.

4. Be known as possessing positivity - first off our post-modern world is drawn in by positive people and turned off by negative people. If you create a positive environment then people will come and stay.

I've seen constantly over and over again the most positive people are promoted and move forward. When you have a leadership team/committee of your own you'll soon come to realise that the encourages and positive people are much more fruitful than those constantly saying something is wrong or picking holes that don't need to be picked. Positive leaders go forward whilst critics stay where they are and then drop off. Be Positive as people want hope in difficult situations and want someone they can get behind in adversity. Definately own this one in your arsenal of leadership traits.

5. Possess momentum and get moving - Momentum is one of my favourite traits. I heard a great leader of mine speak about it at a conference once and it was like the word never even existed in my mind before he unpacked the benefits and need of moving forward with momentum.

I could write an entire page on momentum (which I may actually do in the future!) but momentum means change, growth and building on what has already been established. When everything in your business/organisation/life is cohesive you can grasp it all and move forward with terrific momentum. Be known for this trait as it gives you a great reputation for someone who is exciting and wants to excel in what they do

6. Learn Communication Skills - In business communication skills can get lost in translation. We have to ask ourselves tough questions on how we communicate to our staff and how we can go about improving those communication skills.

When we look at leadership theory this is one of the most difficult topics that managers and leaders face. Good communication skills are uncommon in the world but leaders are called to be above the norm. Read the article to challenge yourself on your own communication.

All of these points are fantastic ones. We welcome input and suggestions and certainly would LOVE your ideas and feedback so please use the contact us form for feedback on our leadership traits page.

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