Leadership traits and characteristics

by Alex
(Melbourne VIC, Australia)

What traits and characteristics would you say are essential for effective leadership? Knowing that I am an individual with a unique mixture of traits and characteristics how can can I identify and use these? How do I develop new leadership traits?

Thats another great question! great leadership traits and characteristics are essential for healthy influencers. As you've asked several questions in one i'll address each seperately to avoid confusion!

- The essential leadership traits and characteristics are not black and white. In fact it can only really be opinion based to say which ones are essential. I would say the traits of a great leader are someone who is great with people, have a really balanced and healthy life holistically and have a great and pure passion for leadership.

- I would personally say its quite easy to identify which traist you have. There are a number of leadership tests online you could try to have a look at (make sure you try a few and don't be boxed by their results.) Otherwise you can ask a few questions such as which aspects of leadership appeal to you? or ask other people on your team which parts of leadership do I excel at? The mixture of those two answers will help you get a good picture of your leadership traits. Make sure you use your strengths and lead your life in a way in which the horizon is full of a life filled with these characteristics.

- Developing new leadership traits is really easy and immensely hard. We believe in growth and development of leaders in any sphere of life and you can certainly take classes, read books, take part in training schemes to boost new traits in yourself but following through in the discipline it takes to hold onto them is hard. You need great routines and an open mind!

I Hope thats helped. If you have any further questions please don't hesitate to post them.

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