Leadership Style Quiz

A Leadership Style Quiz is a resource for you as a leader to discover more about the way in which you lead. We have wanted to create something for our valued visitors to learn more for awhile now. This is our beta-quiz to see if there is a great demand for more quiz-like resources.

The value of this quiz is a little self discovery to learn your basic leadership style. You may ask, 'how will this help me?' and the answer to this question is very simple. If you know how you naturally lead then you can identify your strengths and weaknesses through reading about your dominant leadership style.

Fill in the leadership quiz below (the left hand side of the box) and then submit it to get your 'score'. Then follow the steps below to discover which leadership style best fits your leadership!

Leadership Style Quiz Results

You would have been given a score somewhere between 25-125 which is the important number to learn your leadership style. Look at the numbers below and whichever number is closest to your score, is your primary leadership style. Just as a small disclaimer, this is only a guide and obviously not definitive.

Score: 25

Leadership Style: The Democratic Leader

Score: 50

Leadership Style: The Task Driven Leader

Score: 75

Leadership Style: The Autocratic Leader

Score: 100

Leadership Style: The Bureaucratic Leader

Score: 125

Leadership Style: The Charismatic Leader

If you think a more in-depth leadership test would be helpful please leave your comments below and we will endeavor to create a more detailed description for your benefit.

We are currently testing the new software that it takes to create such leadership tests, so your input and preference is invaluable to us. If you want to return to read more about the types of leadership styles in this leadership style quiz click here.

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