Leadership Stories

Where do leadership stories fit in our sphere of leading? I'll tell you - a story can tell a thousand lessons on leadership. Often I'm asked how I got into this field and why I enjoy the levels of leading. The truth is that it began in my early youth (I'm still young!) where I found myself in positions of leadership just by the principles in which I was bought up.

The story of hard fought leadership

Let me begin by saying that for me atleast, leadership has not been an easy road. It's been full of the behind the scenes, hardwork, sweat, tears and out of the spotlight leading which has not been always exciting. For people who have never done the hard yards and have been given brilliant opportunity's in leadership, I'm a little sickened but I take my hat off to you!

My first opportunity of leadership came when I was a paper-boy in my early teen years. I enjoyed the freedom of earning my own money and hard work was worth it. I became 'head' paper-boy which meant I got to the shop at 5:20am everyday and counted & sorted all the papers and magazines. I had no power but a position of respect and hardwork - it was character building.

I've had many other leadership positions (some glamorous, some not so glamorous) since then and i've experiences a lot.

  • Hard-work builds character - This is something my dad decided to tell me every time he made me do yard work or washing the car. Working as a paper boy taught me that through hard work I can accomplish anything through doing impossible things for little money. I could tell you some horror stories about delivering papers in the ice and snow which I don't think many teens in the 21st century would even think about.
  • Structure, procedure and routine build good habits. I was bought up by parents who were truly organized and structured, despite my own teenage revolt I learned that these things can be good. I worked as an intern who organized large groups of volunteers for a senior staff member and it has a high-pressure job which needed organizing. The man I interned with had none of these skills so I had to fill the gap. Despite rarely being praised for these traits I was proud to do my part behind the scenes.
  • Rarely having a public platform has formed me into a leader who doesn't strive to be looked at and admired. I'm in no way against public speaking and having a public platform but i've often worked in large organizations where these opportunities are rare. This has taught me humility and the value of leading from behind the scenes to build people.
Leadership Perseverance

How leadershiplime.com came about

As well as being in positions where i've lead and coached hundreds of people, i've also been a devout follower (i.e. a team-member). There have been several times where poor leadership has lead to failure or even worse the exploiting of people while leading with hidden agendas. I can't tell you how bad leadership really drives me up the wall.

Leadership is so much more than what we think, it makes so much difference that I have started to create resources for all people out there who want to learn and develop their leadership to the next level. Think for a moment; How many people do you lead or influence? Each one of them deserves the best from you and that means you being the best leader possible.

I've shared a little bit of my leadership stories here as a reminder that we all start somewhere. Where we are and where we're going depend on our characteristics of leadership - make an investment today.

Leadership stories are brilliant things to bring to this community as they inspire and help bring creativity. Feel free to leave a short story in the comments feature below so that we can learn from your own experiences.

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